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About Maria Geiser-Letzel

 Maria 3

Lives in: Netherlands
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: German and English
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

As the team leader in the Awakening Women 9 Month Program in Germany, I have worked very closely with Chameli for many years.  I live in the Netherlands at the border of Belgium and Germany with my husband and am the proud mother of a son.  I am educated as a Women’s Temple Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Lifedancing Teacher, Transformation Group Leader, Rebirthing Trainer, Firewalk Seminar Leader, and as a Medical Technical Laboratory Employer.

When I met Chameli and her work in 2008, I was instantly attracted.  I felt a strong call to dive deeper into this work.  In all my spiritual work before (which started very early in my life) I was told that I needed to overcome feelings, habits, ego, mind and so on.

It felt like an impossible fight where I could only fail.  It was a miracle to come into women’s spirituality and discover that there is nothing that needs to be fixed, that the body is an instrument that could lead us into deeper awareness, to connect spirituality and the body. I started to see my body completely anew, not as a sin that I have to overcome but as the beautiful temple that it is.  I stopped fighting against myself  just because I don’t look like a photoshopped young woman.

I remember the first time I experienced the deep, loving look from Yogini sisters and them honoring my beauty–I cried enough to fill an ocean.  Years of self-punishing voices, which built tight ice cubes around my heart, started to melt. It felt like a deep exhale into my true nature.

To take my seat in the great, powerful, loving, supportive Yogini circle feels like coming home again.

I am beyond words for how grateful and deeply in love I am with this work and with Chameli, who is so deeply committed to spread this feminine awakening and support women to take their seats and get back to their true nature.

I bow to my beloved teacher Chameli and the Yogini circle,
“Pathfinding Shapeshifter”


Contact Maria:
Home Phone : 0049 241 53106390
Mobile: 0049 151 24136526
Bosstraat 97
NL 6291ch Vaals