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About Yashodhara Van


Lives: near Munich in Germany
Will travel to: anywhere in the world
Speaks: German, English, and Dutch
Asks: to have travel expenses covered and a minimum of 500 EUR per day as an exchange for leading retreats and workshops

I was born in the Netherlands and now am living near Munich. I did my first workshop with Chameli in 2005 and instantly loved it. Since then, I have been a participant, assistant or Team Leader in most of Chameli’s seminars in Germany and in Corfu.  I feel so lucky to have been the Team Leader in the Women’s Temple Group Leadership Trainings held in Germany, and to have been in all the nine month programs in Germany.

Every time I am in Temple, I experience light, relaxation, joy and a feeling of coming home.  I am so grateful to Chameli over and over again for the depths she takes us, the nourishment of the women’s circle, the insights, the relaxation and joy of discovery together, practicing and celebrating. I am so happy to finally have found a woman who explores embodying feminine spirituality.  The Temple practices with gentle, loving female touch connect me in a very new way with myself and open doors in me, melting me as never before.

Right away after attending Chameli’s workshop in 2005, I wanted to start Temple evenings because I wanted to be nourished by this touch and the presence of the women’s circle. In the beginning of 2006, I held Temple evenings once a month, and then a few years later it became twice a month.  It has created such a network of women friends all around me. In 2010, together with Gabriela Kania, we offered Temple days.  It was so inspiring and such a pleasure to prepare and give these workshops together, practicing the manifesto, practicing what is here now and giving feedback with appreciation and gratefulness.  Since 2013, I have been offering Temple days together with an assistant team, and they are highlights for me.

I grew up in a family with 5 brothers on a farm–my mother also grew up on a farm with only brothers, even my mother’s mother had many brothers and only one sister. So I guess that is where the longing for the feminine in me comes from. In my search for God and truth,  I found Osho and lived in his International Community in Poona, India, for nine years. I studied there for many years with Dheeraj Tibetan Pulsing, a great bodywork modality, which includes eye reading, that I still practice today.  Dheeraj taught me a lot about the masculine and feminine, and there I was part of a women’s group called the Tara’s. We spent a month with 80 women in a pyramid, doing Tibetan Pulsing for women and reading from the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Dr. Pinkola Estes.

I am grateful to have participated with Hasya, Osho’s secretary, in the women’s liberation group, that was also a great experience and teaching. Osho gave me the name Yashodhara and said often in Discourses: “Yashodhara was the most beautiful Princess”.  So I felt invited to start living as a princess instead of a Cinderella. As I studied Yashodhara’s life, I came to know she was the wife of Prince Siddhartha, who later became Buddha, and she was the one who, together with her mother-in-law, got permission from Buddha to create a place where women could be Buddha’s followers.  I felt so seen, recognized, honored and touched by Osho, and I feel proud to say that from that day on I used that name, where ever I am, even though it is a difficult name here in the West.

In Poona, I met a man with a big heart who lived in Munich and after a few years of relating, we asked his Sufi Master where to live together, in Munich or Amsterdam.  The Sufi master said, to my surprise: “it will be good for Yashodhara to live in Munich,” and how right he was.  There, I found the hospital of my dreams.

Being on the academy for nursing in Holland, I had dreamed of a hospital where we would treat the cause of illnesses, see people in a holistic way and care for health in general.  To be of even more help in the hospital for the patients, I got trained by Brandon Bays in the Journey, a beautiful feminine healing method.  And last but not least, by being in Munich, I got to know Chameli and the Awakening Women Institute and could take my seat in the Yogini Circle. I am honored and dedicated to being a yogini, with all I have.  I love to be a part and in service of an ongoing development in the awakening of women.

I bow,
“Sister of the Heart, Laughter and Depths”

Contact Yashodhara:
82131 Gauting