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The Women’s Wisdom School is a practice community for women called to weave spiritual practice and the holy into ordinary life.

At the heart of the Wisdom School, we find a spirituality that centers the Earth and the Goddess. Since the beginning of time women have gathered to honor the sacred, offering the fruits of their practice back into the circle, as we do now. Every time we practice, we access and feed this well of wisdom for our ancestors, for ourselves and for generations to come.

The Yogini Village is our beautiful, private community platform where you can join live classes, rituals, sharing circles and virtual temples with meditation, movement, and Shakti awakening practices. The Village is a guilt-free zone; you only participate as much as truly nourishes you in your life.

"It is very rare to find a guidance with so much lived yogic wisdom and humility at the same time. Also the container is so exquisitely beautiful, magical, creative and harmoniously ordered.

I feel so deeply safe and heard, it brings me on the path of self acceptance and acceptance of otherness. This Sadhana opened her doors to be seen and to see me. It was a much needed dive into divine matter."

Aikya Verburgh

On this journey with Lakshmi, the Indian Goddess of abundance, beauty and prosperity, you will practice to live in the frequency of abundance, and learn how this is such a needed antidote to the hoarding, greed and exploitation of Earth that we are trapped in.

Lakshmi mirrors to us a radically inclusive spirituality where the mess and beauty of embodied life is celebrated—not as a distraction to our spiritual path, but as the very expression of Her undivided totality.

Through storytelling, myth, mantra, alchemical inner journeys and simple practices that you can integrate into your daily life, you will be supported to root yourself and your life in an intimacy with the Goddess.

"The full permission to go deeply inward, the honest and raw sharing amongst women in this circle, and the devotion to pure love—all of this and more has touched my heart. Chameli has a way of expressing herself that connects me to my core. For this, I am forever grateful."

Dr. Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC

"I am so humbled and grateful to have been part of this Sadhana for Lakshmi Ma. There have been both subtle changes and massive changes in my life since I started the Sadhana! I have now been able to adopt a daily practice and remind myself of so many gifts that she bestows upon me and my life on a daily basis.

I am eternally grateful for opening this door for me because I know that she has always been in my life but I didn't know how to connect to her in a deeper, more meaningful way."

Sapna Chandaria

The Women's Wisdom School Community

In our modern culture many feel isolated and uprooted from community and belonging. Some have also experienced the pain of giving away our power or trading in our uniqueness in order to belong. We have experimented for more than 16 years with building a healthy, kind and awake sisterhood, we share a clear intention for why we come together and basic agreements of how we communicate and show up in our practice.

There are no unrealistic standards of perfection here. We don’t try to fix each other or give unsolicited advice, but rather affirm to each other our innate wisdom and capacity to be present with life in its totality. We gather to inspire, to mirror and remind each other why we are here, and what kind of legacy we aspire to leave for the generations beyond us.

We gather to practice, to pray, to hold and mirror each other as we stand here at the edge of evolution, with shaky legs and visions of outrageous love in our hearts, reminding each other that no, we are not crazy for feeling the way we feel, and no, we don’t have to do it alone.

Each of us holds a single thread that, put together, can weave the most intricate, ornate offering of beauty and wisdom to leave behind for the next generations.

It takes a village...

"I decided to do the Lakshmi Sadhana at my own pace.  Powerful. 
Huge changes occurred in my professional and personal life!

The "live" retreats, mantras and Four arms map were especially supportive to me." 

Stephanie Northrup

"Chameli, I found myself at the doors of your virtual ashram, eager to learn about what was on the other side. What I have discovered has been magical, not fairy tale magic but real soul magic. It has been a journey of profound growth for me. I feel like I have found a place to rest for a while. I feel like I have just woken up, with so much to learn. I am excited.

Thank you for bringing this to the world, for being who you are. As I listened to your wisdom, your voice, your medicine, I saw such beauty in your being, mirroring mine and those around. My words fall short in capturing your luminous ways and how grateful I am to share some of my journey with you. It is a great honour that across the seas I can feel so connected to you and what you bring into the world."

Briony Montgomery

Chameli Ardagh

Chameli is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. Originally from Norway, with decades of studies in India, she is deeply rooted in Earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and Goddess centered tantric yoga, and is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.

Photo Credit: Bibbie Friman

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