In this powerful talk, Eve Ensler retells the story of Adam and Eve in a way that empowers and liberates women rather than condemning them for Eve’s choice to eat the apple from the Tree of Life. Through reframing this creation myth, Eve puts into perspective the shame engraved in the history of women, the insatiable pressure for approval from our fathers and father gods, and the gift of female intuition, whose power can spark revolutions.
“This is the time for radical change,” she urges. “This is the time to come into our bodies to dance and drum and rise. This is the time to stop apologizing for our belief that it is possible to live in a world where everyone gets fed; taken care of.”
Eve Ensler gave this speech as a keynote the Bioneers Annual Conference in October 2014, where over 3,000 people gathered together to inspire social, political, environmental, economic, spiritual and global change. I had the honor to be at Bioneers and take part in weaving together all these causes from their shared source of love. It was incredible to spend a weekend with change-makers from all backgrounds and fields, to have conversations between those of us involved in the women’s movement and those in the environmental and political movements and see that our diverse approaches are needed and are part of the same river. I saw how the belief of separation has been embedded into every facet of life, has become the underlying story of our time, and how important it is to retell this story, to reweave the myths of creation back into their original embodied wholeness. In her reframing of the Adam and Eve story, Eve Ensler does just this.
With love,