Are we hoping that someone else will do it for us?

The kind of leadership we explore in the Awakening Women community ~ we call it feminine leadership ~ is a process of aligning yourself with what you are here to live; it is to step into a rhythm of evolution. You don’t have to force it to happen, it is a rhythm always happening, always evolving.

It is to wake up from the trance of a limited “me” that has held you hostage for too long and to stand rooted in the vastness of an unlimited creativity. It is to again and again, and over again, release the addictive cramps of unworthiness, and return to the authority of Spirit.

The moment you take a stand for that which really matters to you, you step into this rhythm, into Sankalpa-Shakti, which is a current of infinite creativity and energy. Within the act of stepping two feet in lays the power to make it happen.

So what is it that keeps us sitting on the fence?

I have witnessed it in myself and in my practice sisters, how we minimize the value of our path and our wisdom when we cannot find confirmation from the outside. I witness how we still are waiting for approval, comparing the fresh kiss of spirit that we are offered in the intimacy of our own practice, with the outdated models of spirit-embodied-by-men-only. How we still are moving in circles repeating the past.

We tend to avoid that one scary step outside the circle-of-the-known and into the rush of self-arising wisdom expressed through us.
Are we secretly hoping that someone else will do it for us?

Do we dare to lean into the edge of the vast unknown to bring into form a new vision of a balanced world?
Is the feminine meant to have a real influence in this shift in consciousness that we can feel in our bones is unfolding at this time?
Who will teach that?
Who will stand for that?
Are we the voices of the feminine?
Who else will it be?


Archimedes said 2,000 years ago, “Give me a place to stand, and I’ll move the world,” and you can and you do. A stand is not a point of view. A stand is a place where you have vision. A stand is that domain of distinction that distinguishes Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, César Chávez or Nelson Mandela. These are stand-takers who actually ultimately changed the course of history. They weren’t for or against, as much as they were standing in a field of power, beauty, and integrity that allowed positionality to dissolve around them so that the destiny and evolution of the human family could actually move forward.
~ Lynne Twist


To be a leader is to stand in “a field of power, beauty, and integrity”,
and even if your legs are trembling, to face the greatness which in this very breath is pressing itself into you.
It is to have the patience to listen and honor the whispering of a knowing that is sometimes so undefined, so hard to grasp.
Yet you stand rooted, right there, because you cannot do otherwise.
There is no turning back.

I am so happy we can walk this tremendous and tender path, together.
It is happening.

Shaking in my pants, but still standing,
~ Chameli

In the video below I tell the story about the most powerful role-model of Feminine Leadership I know.