:: Practice ~ Awakening the Serpent (Audio)


guided by Dominique Youkhehpaz  |  Image: Tattoo Art by Kris Davidson   |  background music: Unlocking the Doors of Eternity & Kwo by Ape Chimba


Find a space where you can comfortably sit and move for the next 20 minutes.
This practice begins sitting, you will then be guided into
allowing movement and sound to arise from the deep.

There is a massive system of nerves and communication
not just in the brain, but in the womb and pelvis.
In this practice, you will be guided to descend down
into the pelvis, to awaken the primal serpent energy at the base,
and open the pathways of communication from the womb space
into your whole body and being, noticing what happens to your voice
when you root yourself in the brain below.