Beauty Medicine

Music, poetry and art for the soul

Sacred Storm (poem)

Sacred union of earth and sky, dancing all the elements. Sky penetrating Earth with life-giving water. Filling Her, quenching Her becoming the life-blood of Gaia.

Usha Bala Elo (video)

Slowly, very slowly, the virgin dawn appears in the very depths of my aspiration-heart.

Medicine of the Real (poem)

What a kindness she showers upon me, not letting me skip any steps, or leave not even one stone unturned.

Yogini Sadhana ~ Gather the Wise Women (poem)

Yogini sadhana—the spiritual practice of women— is not a mental theory for us to memorize or learn. It is an unfolding from deep within you, from within the very fabric of the world. Earth is birthing herself as you. Gather wise women around you…

Hey Ma Durga ~ Yogini Mantras (video)

Yogini Durga Mantra. In honor of Durga, and with gratitude to Helga Høgåsen and the yogini circles in Corfu and India.

Into the Darkness (poem)

On days like these, cold and rainy, I feel a pull from the deep from the dark, womb of the earth, source of all things.

Jai Ambe ~ Sung by the Yogini Circle (music)

A recording of the Yogini Circle singing the Jai Ambe in our Yogini Ashram in India, 2018.

Find Your Ground in Love (poem)

Find your ground in love. Real ground.

There Have Always Been Women’s Hips (poem)

Through centuries of sunrises and sunsets, there have always been women’s hips. Hips swaying under the stars, dancing to the rhythm of the wind, singing the songs of our ancestors, worshiping the very life they create.

Durga Ma (poem)

Durga Ma (poem)

You can be sure She is awake, summoned by the gods again for battle, perplexed by their own chaos. They quietly confess they need her now more than ever to move mountains

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Mothers (poem)

Mothers (poem)

There are mothers. There are birthmothers. And there are stepmothers. There are adoptive mothers and there are soul mothers. There are real life mothers and there are heavenly mothers.

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