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The Story of Durga (video)


We begin our Global 21 Day Durga Sadhana for women on April 5th. Register here

Invisible Actions

I made this short video in honor of all the invisible actions, prayers and intentions people everywhere do, every day, to protect and feed the sacred.

With love,



Yogini Wisdom


Let your hands rest softly on your chest.
Let your breath touch your hands from the inside, as if your breath is kissing your hands. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


Having lost confidence and trust in the wild realm of the erotic feminine, we tighten our bodies as we attempt to squeeze this unfathomable energy into digestible boxes of “not too much”, “not too needy” and “not too wild”. In our Yogini practices, we take a risk to soften the edges, to unclench the rigidness in our bodies. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

Your experience of the Divine may not look like what you have read in the books. Remember that most of the Holy Scriptures were written down by men, for men—also in the Shakti Tantra tradition. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


We are all part of a universal unfolding, with many influences co-creating our lives. The deeper we go into a creative relationship with our experience, we begin to realize that we have tremendous powers. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

This remarkable body that we are handed is our instrument of feminine leadership. The more we can drop into the body and become sensitive to its signals, the more gracefully we can navigate through life, relationships, and emotions, with creativity and leadership.

~ Chameli Ardagh

Breaking Up with Doubt

Dear Doubt,

I’m sorry, but I’ve had enough. 

It’s over between us. That’s right, over.

You and I have dragged on this relationship for far too long, and just look at us—we’re a wreck.

Our relationship is just not serving either of us anymore.

It’s not you, it’s me. Or is it you? I don’t know.

I just know I need some space—you’ve been hanging around way too often lately and frankly, you’re suffocating me. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

In the yogini embodiment practices, we cultivate the capacity to be present with our experiences as sensations in the body.

Oftentimes we are so busy creating change that we contract away from the only place where change is happening — Presence. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

Sankalpa Shakti is both the intention of your soul, and the power to bring it into form. When we feel overwhelmed and identified with doing it all alone, we tend to overlook this untapped reservoir of energy and wisdom within. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


Notice how the breath is creating a rhythm in your body. There are rhythms happening all throughout your body—the buzz of your cells, the flow of the blood, the beating of your heart. Beyond the body, there are also rhythms and waves, contractions and expansions, cycles and seasons.
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Yogini Wisdom


In the path of embodied awakening, you bring awakening to how life is intimately experienced and felt through your personal filters, through this body, through these thoughts, through these memories and history that you have as a woman and human being. And at the same time, you keep expanding your view, recognizing that this thread you call “my life” is part of a bigger tapestry.

The brighter this thread of you can shine in its very unique color, the more rich, beautiful and magnificent this tapestry becomes. For the benefit of all.

~ Chameli Ardagh
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photo: AWI

Yogini Wisdom


Bring your left hand over your heart and place your right hand on top of  your left hand. Take a moment to feel the warmth from your hands.
Let your awareness trickle down into your heart. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


In Greek, the word persona means mask. We all take on different masks and different personas in our lives. This is not in itself problematic. The problem begins when we forget that our persona is just a mask and not who we are. We then turn our mask into our identity. Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom


The divine feminine is radical in the way she
guides us into a territory way beyond the
confined limits of our thinking. Continue reading →

We have prepared for these times


I often hear people speaking about spirituality as something extra we add to “real life”. In the last weeks more than ever before, as many of us feel an urge to actively be a part of the solution, there is a tendency to speak about social activism and even politics as something other than — and even opposite of — the spiritual. As a student of embodied spirituality and shakti tantra, I find it of great importance to closely examine any such assumptions of separation. The events that have occurred recently, not only the election in the USA, but also the Standing Rock gathering, the TreeSister’s campaign, the Palestine/Israel women’s march and many more, have shown me just how practical and crucial our spiritual practice truly is. Spiritual awakening and practice is to root ourselves in an insatiable source of nourishment and creativity. Our words and actions are the branches and fruits drawing their power from those roots.  

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Yogini Wisdom


The moment you take a stand for what really
matters to you, you step into Sankalpa Shakti, a
current of infinite creativity and energy. By
committing to what matters to you and stepping
two feet in, you access the very power needed to
live out your Sankalpa.

So what keeps us sitting on the fence? Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

We want to eat the fruit of all these glorious
teachings we are studying, not only watch other
people feast at the table. The beauty is that all
the wisdom teachings point to the direct access
we have to the totality of Spirit, which is
breathing us right now.
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Yogini Wisdom

Yogini Wisdom


Do we dare to lean into the the vast unknown and bring into form a new vision of a balanced world?
Is the feminine meant to have a real influence in this shift in consciousness that we can feel in our bones unfolding at this time? Continue reading →

Yogini Wisdom

Yogini Wisdom
The doorway to truth is your heart. It’s so simple
—not always easy, but simple. So simple that we
tend to overlook it in our addiction to complexity.
It is as if a part of us wants it to be difficult.
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