Breathing Earth Meditation

Guided by: Chameli Gad Ardagh


This practice is a powerful way
to root yourself in Gaia consciousness.
You can do it as a sitting practice,
laying on the ground or in your bed.
Also experiment with doing it while standing and walking.

Take some deep breaths all the way into the pelvis.
Become aware of the earth underneath you;
tune into this vast, peaceful, earthy quality.

Rest your awareness in a point a few feet into the earth,
right underneath your body.

Imagine that you are breathing from this point in the earth
and up into your body, breathing in the peaceful,
rooted energy of the earth.
With each in-breath, fill your body with deep, earthy energy.

On the exhale, drop down into the earth with your awareness.
Each time you exhale, drop deeper and deeper into the earth.

Breathing in, draw energy up into your body;
breathing out, drop deeper into the earth with your awareness.

After a few minutes, return your awareness to the body
and breathe normally.
Take a moment to notice the quality of your awareness.

Once you have learned it, you can practice
Breathing Earth throughout your day while
engaged in activities. Over time, your sense of Self expands,
your roots deepen, and Breathing Earth will happen on its own.