Breathing and Listening into the Space of Possibilities

Guest post by Beate Gauder

During my childhood and teenage years, I had to deal with a lot of pain in my bones and hip joints. My hip sockets were not developed fully, and I carried a lot of chronic bone pain from my mother’s lineage. When I was 16 years old, the doctors told me that there is no way to get cured except with surgery and medication. There was a part in me that could not accept this forecast, and this was the moment where I entered silence and turned inside myself. I was looking for another possibility.

So I started to speak with my bones and get in touch with my whole body. After some weeks, I realized that my body started to communicate with me. It took me several years along with body therapy treatments to be free of pain. I am pain-free for more than 15 years now. And there are always plenty of possibilities; that is true for all parts of life. Even in times of COVID, all my projects got cancelled and, with this practice, I found my path to open new doors.

I really love this practice and my favorite time to do it is shortly after waking up in the morning or before sleeping.


  • This practice takes between 10 – 30 minutes (you can choose).
  • Take your seat and some moments to feel your breath.
  • Connect your feet with Mama Gaia. Feel your surroundings and start to hum and make sounds.
  • Then feel into the space of not knowing (for example, if you want to have a solution for something, you want to have help with something or if you feel a pain in your system).
  • You can whisper what you wish for yourself or tune yourself into the perspective of a lighthouse, having an overview of all the possibilities available. Or you just listen without wanting a solution.
  • At the end of the practice, I invite you to name what you are grateful for.

In the beginning, you can start with practicing five minutes daily. If the practice resonates, you can expand the time and also practice twice daily, morning and evening.
It is not about right or wrong; it is more a listening, waiting, receiving, ripening, surprising, thriving and the possibility of not knowing. In this space I found so many doors and answers that would not have entered my mind without this practice.

​Beate Gauder is a devoted yogini based in Hamburg, Germany (born in Berlin). Since 2012 she has walked the path with Awakening Women. Her Dharma is to remember the whole spectrum of possibilities available. She does that in such a playful, joyful way that honors the beauty and abundance that is always accessible for the body, life and nourishment. She gives space for these qualities in her own unique expression. And this melts together with the collective “Annapurna loves me”, that she created with Claudia Seifert.

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