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Sisterhood, Kittens, River & the Amazon Rainforest: My Summer

Where do I begin? Here of course, always here, now. I am sitting on my bed, the weather outside is beginning to cool down, and next to me is a sleeping kitten. Let me introduce to you Luzma and Leonard, our two new furry family members. We are in love, predictably. After traveling since mid-May, [Read More…]

Yogini Wisdom

For so long, we have been comparing ourselves with ideals of spiritual maturity that do not include, and rather judge, the feminine. We have tried to calm down, make our power digestible, to win the race, dampen our desire, compartmentalize our feelings, and intellectualize that deep knowing which is beyond words. 

Yogini Wisdom

Invite your breath deeper into your body, dear one. Deep breathing brings rejuvenation, oxygen, and carries out stored up tension and toxins that are no longer needed. Allow your face to soften and your jaw to relax. This body is your temple. Here, you can taste an intimacy with your own divine nature. ~ Chameli [Read More…]

Yogini Wisdom

  Honor the wisdom permeating through you. Bow your head down to the vast mystery that carries all of life, to that same intelligence carrying you. In bowing down, you receive your crown. ~ Chameli Ardagh ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ photo: Bibbie Friman Awakening Photographer

Learn to lead a women’s group

Many of you have been touched by the depth of presence and awakening we share in the yogini circle through our live retreats, and the ways our feminine embodiment practices guide us to that innermost place of intimacy with the holy.

The Yoga of Softness

Softer, Sister, softer still. Unclench the pressure and drink in the medicine of softness, a warm vastness trickling through you. Let softness wash through your body; let it marinate your heart and fill your womb.

Yogini Wisdom

  Many associate yoga with asana practice, with the different physical postures we do in a yoga class. Here, we use the word yoga in a broader context. Yoga can include physical postures, but it also points to an inner posture, an inner disposition towards life—one of conscious practice.

Yogini Wisdom

We have learned to be a little lukewarm with our longing. And if we bring lukewarm to our spiritual practice, lukewarm is what we will get. Your longing is Shakti—pure energy—and arises from the source of your being. Open yourself to that more vulnerable place in your heart, where you make the longing in your [Read More…]

Yogini Wisdom

Shiva is a name for our inner capacity to hold presence with all the ways Shakti – energy- takes form. He is an aspect of your own consciousness, always right here. He is the promise that it is safe to be all that you are; that you can stay awake in the midst of the [Read More…]

Yogini Wisdom

  Mothers, remember your crown. You have literally been initiated into the creative source of the Universe. So often, I have seen mothers uproot themselves from their own superpower when trying to act in the world, as if the big boys in suits know the rules of the game of creation better than they do.

Yogini Wisdom

  The magnetism of Spirit, of the Goddess, is what pulls you deeper into your path, into your holy assignment as a Yogini, as a feminine practitioner. It is Her attractiveness that keeps you going when it gets really tough, when you feel lost and as if you don’t understand the challenges that are thrown [Read More…]

Resting in freedom no matter what (video)

We don’t have to wait for that perfect moment or perfect circumstances to feel free.  As we are coming closer to sadhana time, ​​​​I wanted to speak about how we can, with practice, establish a relationship to our experiences which brings freedom instead of entanglement. ​​​​​​​    

The Story of Durga (video)


Yogini Wisdom

To stand in the authority of your untamed nature is to stand up and say, “I don’t know if anyone will agree with this; if it is right or wrong. All I know is this call, and that I have to follow it.”

Invisible Actions

I made this short video in honor of all the invisible actions, prayers and intentions people everywhere do, every day, to protect and feed the sacred. With love, Chameli     

Yogini Wisdom

  Let your hands rest softly on your chest. Let your breath touch your hands from the inside, as if your breath is kissing your hands.

Yogini Wisdom

This remarkable body that we are handed is our instrument of feminine leadership. The more we can drop into the body and become sensitive to its signals, the more gracefully we can navigate through life, relationships, and emotions, with creativity and leadership. ~ Chameli Ardagh

Breaking Up with Doubt

Dear Doubt, I’m sorry, but I’ve had enough.  It’s over between us. That’s right, over. You and I have dragged on this relationship for far too long, and just look at us—we’re a wreck. Our relationship is just not serving either of us anymore. It’s not you, it’s me. Or is it you? I don’t [Read More…]

Yogini Wisdom

In the yogini embodiment practices, we cultivate the capacity to be present with our experiences as sensations in the body. Oftentimes we are so busy creating change that we contract away from the only place where change is happening — Presence.

We have prepared for these times

I often hear people speaking about spirituality as something extra we add to “real life”. In the last weeks more than ever before, as many of us feel an urge to actively be a part of the solution, there is a tendency to speak about social activism and even politics as something other than — and [Read More…]