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Yogini Summer Ashram in Corfu


with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date: June 17 – July 13, 2018
Location: Corfu, Greece

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Welcome to our 12th international Yogini Summer Ashram in Greece!

Since the first time we gathered on the magical island of Corfu twelve years ago, our practice and connection to the ancient lineage of feminine practitioners has deepened in ways I could never have imagined. Together we have created a true sanctuary for the feminine.

For many women this annual ashram time in Greece has become the oasis we return to again and again to be awakened and loved beyond our wildest dreams. We have had women traveling in from Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, USA, Germany, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, India, Australia and even New Zealand. Real sisterhood among conscious  women. Women dedicated to a conscious world, for ALL.

Inanna ~ The Seven Gates to Truth

(Art by: Carolyn HillyerKiernan Antares | Tec Petaja)

with Chameli Ardagh & the Awakening Women Team

Date : July 20 – 22, 2018
Location: Hamburg, Germany

In this retreat, we will follow the poem Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld as our map.
The Goddess Inanna moves through seven gates on her way down to her Dark sister Ereshkigal. At each gate, she is asked to sacrifice something that identifies her as the goddess.
Through the courage to voluntarily disintegrate she later returns to her world with the medicine of maturity.

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Tara ~ The Art of Shakti Alchemy


with Chameli Ardagh & The Awakening Women Team

Date: August 31 – September 2, 2018
Location: Boulder, Colorado

Tara is known as the Great Liberator. Through her many colorful and splendorous expressions of the enlightened feminine, She invites us to embrace our female incarnation with all its feelings and challenges as powerful portals to spiritual awakening. [Read More…]

Kali Ma ~ A Journey through the Dark Goddess

with Chameli Ardagh & the Awakening Women Team

Date : October 5 – 7, 2018
Location: Portland, Oregon

Goddess Kali Ma is the embodiment of the terrifyingly beautiful life/death cycle. She is not only physical death waiting for you there at the very end; she is the shedding of outgrown patterns and strategies. She is the relaxation of the grasping and the pushing; she is the one dancing fiercely in the ashes of all that no longer serves you.

In her ruthless kindness Kali feasts on the safety nets you cling to, just so you can know the inseparable totality you are made of.
Kali sets you free.

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Yogini Winter Ashram in India


with Chameli Ardagh
& the Awakening Women Team

Date:  February 7 – March 1, 2019
Location: Rishikesh, India

Into the Heart of Durga: February 7 – 16, 2019
Yogini Initiation Retreat: 
February 17 – March 1, 2019

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 A Yogini is a woman devoted to a life lived with totality of heart. She roots herself in compassion and is fiercely loyal to the love at the root of us all.  She practices for her own radiant embodiment of awakening & love as well as for the healing of all sentient beings.

Into the Heart of Durga will be open to women of different levels of experience with the Awakening Women practices. The Yogini Initiation retreat is for experienced and committed Awakening Women practitioners only who have been in live retreats or trainings with Chameli and the Awakening Women Yogini circle and are ready to be initiated into the Yogini path.