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What can we do?

Dear Courageous One, What can we do? Maybe you, like me, have felt this question grow louder in your heart the last weeks of witnessing the biggest Refugee Crisis since the second world war as large numbers of human beings are forced to leave their homes risking their lives searching for a new life in [Read More…]

85 Women’s Awakening and Empowerment Movies (List)

Dear Yogini Sisters, We asked you on the AWI Facebook Page to share your favorite movies about women’s awakening and empowerment, and here is the list of movies compiled from your responses.  May this list feed your heart and soul during those warm, cozy nights spent on the couch… Here is the list as a [Read More…]

The power of the word Yogini

  Dear Chameli, Thank you for joining us to the word ‘Yogini’. Thank you for connecting us to something so huge, powerful, beautiful and divine. We are women who each in her own way is practicing her faith ~ whatever it may be. We’ve been doing it for years and years. Being Indian, the word [Read More…]

A Shadow Work Practice

This practice is sort of intense. It is about bringing the monsters in the basement– the exiled parts of ourselves — up into the warmth of awareness, so that they no longer can run the show from the shadows. Make sure to connect with your feet and your body before you begin. Put a hand [Read More…]

The return of the Goddess will not feed or satisfy the ego

There is a lot of talk about feminine awakening and empowerment these days, and one of the pitfalls I see playing itself out in the collective right now, is that the old paradigm of competition and greed, of “more-for-me” has learned to mimic the deep feminine. With that I mean that there is a danger [Read More…]

She is singing the world into being, through you

  A Yogini engages in Sadhana so she can stay rooted in 
a wide and transparent view, also in times of rough contractions. In some martial arts they use the expression “to freeze at the level of the attack”. In ordinary life, that would mean something 
similar to if someone was to grab your arm, [Read More…]

All your attempts to reach me are in reality my attempts to reach you.

Oh Lover of Truth, She does it on purpose, I mean, being that irresistible… She knows that we all have GREAT reasons not to show up. She knows that we have read the books, that we know the latest “how to’s”. She knows how busy we are, She knows about the latest drama, the numbness. [Read More…]

A Practice of Feminine Leadership

Every thing appearing in your experience right now, each sound, each thought, each feeling each pain, each pleasure, 
ALL of it, is the dance of Shiva/Shakti – an 
outpouring of unfathomable creativity. Each appearance is a wave arising and dissolving
 out of Lalita Devi, the one mysterious ocean. This is why the seeking for a [Read More…]

The Girl God

Guest blog by Trista Hendren When I grew up, God was a man. I was a sinner in need of his salvation for my many transgressions. After starting Religious Studies in college, I began to deeply question my faith. The doctrines I had been taught as “Gospel”, were broken open to me in a way [Read More…]

Mother of Pearls

by Zuleikha Beloved sister. Priestess of hidden treasures I have come to walk you back through the ocean to find you the pearl that mirrors your deepest prayers. Here in this landscape of waters every movement captures the beauty and the slow motion of a temple dancers fragile dream

We have prepared for this time.

Amazing one, We live in a time the prophets have spoken about for eons, it is the end of 2012. This is not a time to ask “what will happen to me/us?” This is a time to fully commit to the wisdom of your wide-open heart. Not to wait for it all to change, or [Read More…]

Integrating Darkness and Light

 Guest blog by Miri Kalliwoda I have been a police detective for many years. I worked in the streets of Berlin for six years and witnessed more than most people can imagine. The various and visible dark sides of people: such as killing, raping and beatings made me believe that life was dark. I was [Read More…]

Once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand

  ‘Does it hurt?’ asked the Rabbit. ‘Sometimes,’ said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. ‘When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.’ Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,’ he asked, ‘or bit by bit?’ “It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It [Read More…]

Sometimes you just have to explode ~ Video

Spiritual practice, Sadhana, can be the kindest gift 
you can give to yourself and the world.

A future goal of perfection will never make sweaty, hot and holy love to you. Why chase a frigid lover made of plastic, when right here right now, intimacy itself is yearning to love you to pieces, to love you all the way in. Awakening, like love, is not an achievement. It is a blossoming [Read More…]

A Prayer to Her

Guest blog By Devika Fossen  (Inspired by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and the Awakening Women on the Planet) I am calling upon Her Power, upon the Ancient Female Power, the Raw Primal Force! I am calling upon the old ones, those who sowed the seed in us… Let us open up for and recognize the Wisdom [Read More…]

A post card from Greece, 3.

                Join the Yogini as she is aligning her hips with the heartbeat of now, wild and soft, dancing through the muddy waters, dancing through the bliss. Dancing fire, dancing silence. Dancing sunrise, dancing sisterhood. She is here for the real, and will not settle for less. No plastic [Read More…]

Sister, Search No More. The Key is Authenticity

Do you want to feed the trance, or do you want to be an instrument of awakening? There’s so much plastic and hype out there, and yes the masses are eager for it, because we think it will feed our soul. But it doesn’t. It never does. Instead we have a culture suffering from painful [Read More…]

Cubicle or Baby?

Guest blog by Karen Bell I can pinpoint the moment when my debut novel, Walking with Elephants, sprang from the collective unconscious into my mind. The story’s underlying message hit me like a ton of bricks—but I’ll get to that later. What drove me to write this novel was how much I’ve seen change in [Read More…]

Come back to reality

Presence is nothing you can remember. In fact you have never ever experienced Presence before. Presence is always fresh, always new. All the ideas you have about Presence can by their very nature 
only be faint mirages, plastic replicas. Drop them like hot coal. They are not the real deal. The moment you are willing [Read More…]