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If you want to change the world… love a woman

by Lisa Citore This is what Lisa writes on her website about her poem: “When a fairly spiritual male friend of mine who had finally found and was deepening into committed relationship with his soul mate confided in me he was thinking of being single again, and in the next breath expressed his latest idea [Read More…]

The Power of Longing

(image from If I asked you what area of your life is not really fulfilling for you, what area of your life is most compromised or lacking, I will guess that 90% of you will answer “intimate relationship.” This does not mean to imply that we all have dysfunctional relationships or that we are [Read More…]

Deeper Love Free Tele Seminar

Hi, we will host a free tele seminar this upcoming Saturday. You are warmly welcome to join us. Register here: Here is my husband Arjuna sharing about his  journey to The Deeper Love: I remember sitting out on the deck behind my house one night, when all at once this schism came to full [Read More…]

Question for Chameli; What is the Divine Masculine?

Q: Dear Chameli, I love what you provide here, it’s very helpful. After rejecting the patriarchal religion I grew up in, for several years I’ve been seeking to allow myself to more deeply know and embody the Divine Feminine, to learn more fully who I innately am, and to engage clearly in sacred sexuality. I [Read More…]

Making Love with Life

When I look around me at the way our culture relate to sex, I get sad. And I must admit it, a bit scared. If the way we display and speak bout sex at all reflects how most people have sex,  we have some major collective wounds to deal with. It is a paradox how [Read More…]

Women's groups are not about exluding men

Some times people ask me if the practice we explore in our Women’s Temple groups, is an attempt to compete with men, or create a culture that excludes men. This always makes me feel into the miraculous depth and love that  I experience in my marriage to Arjuna, and the role my practice with other [Read More…]

In the Embrace of the Goddess

Honoring the wisdom of the sacred feminine does not require us to join any cult or religion. We don’t need to dress or move in a certain way, or to follow strict rules or dogmas. The sacred feminine does not abide in a book or temple. She is right here in the expression of life [Read More…]

Unmasked and brimming with celebration of the fears and the glories

Today our little town in northern California is white and wet It is a day for putting on my flower-rain-boots and meeting my friend Jennifer in a cafe. We have the most inspiring talks, and I always leave inspired and full in my heart. Our practice together in the Women’s temple group has fertilized the [Read More…]

Rumi In my Heart

This record by Chopra has been on of my favorite for years, it is perfect to play in Women’s Temple groups [youtube=]

What Make Women Truly Happy?

At the end of our recently completed Women’s Temple Group Training , it was so amazing to see the glow, the softness, the zest that emanated from the women. When women are happy, content and deeply nourished they have so much love and wisdom and humor to share with their family, their partner, with the [Read More…]

Love is the greatest medicine

Love is not cozy, warm, honey like. it is not necessary yummy or attraction, but it is a warriors pathway,because in the state of totality, which all things are, love is the unifier. A true person of a warriors heart will never exclude anything particularly themselves.

A Feminine Base Camp

The number one principle of feminine leadership, is to create your own feminine base camp. This is where you get nutritions for your body and soul, before you soar up to the highest peaks. A huge error of the feminine is that we have a collective habit of taking care of everybody else first, forgetting [Read More…]


“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”K.Gibran