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Come back to reality

Presence is nothing you can remember. In fact you have never ever experienced Presence before. Presence is always fresh, always new. All the ideas you have about Presence can by their very nature 
only be faint mirages, plastic replicas. Drop them like hot coal. They are not the real deal. The moment you are willing [Read More…]

In surrender you find your power

As write this I am on my way into a full month of Durga Sadhana, first a weekend retreat here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and then next week we kick off the 21 day online Durga Sadhana Immersion. I feel a subtle tremor in my soul, similar to what I imagine [Read More…]

Unplug from the drama

When you feel that knot in the belly, when there is a court drama playing in your head, when you panic, when you worry, when you regret it the moment you push the send-button. When you hear yourself say yes, or no, again, shrinking inside. When it’s not enough, or way to much. When his/her [Read More…]

Infinite Enlightening

Progress is only possible through longing. And as the path of progress is infinite, there should be infinite longing. Thus longing becomes itself a form of the infinite, to be desired for its own sake. This is why the mystics idealize longing. The other name for longing is love. Irina Tweedie What a wild ride [Read More…]

Don’t resist the Holy

She sat in front of me with that burning heart that I have come to recognize as the very essence of a Yogini sister. So in love with truth, so dedicated to the “real deal.” I could spend my whole life just kissing her feet. We were in a gathering with a group of yoginis, [Read More…]

The inner voice

WHY IS IT WHEN WE TALK TO GOD WE’RE SAID TO BE PRAYING, BUT WHEN GOD TALKS TO US WE’RE SCHIZOPHRENIC? ~ Lily Tomlin For 14 years, Meinrad Craighead lived as a nun in Standbrook Abbey in England. Now, she’s an artist in New Mexico, spending her days creating lush, colorful paintings and charcoal drawings. [Read More…]

5 Reliable Anchors to Sanity

I am in the middle of a creative explosion. I could call it challenging, trail blazing, obsessive, divinely inspired, mad, exhausting, blissful, meaningful. High. Fast. Vast. Ferocious (and many more words if I was more fluent in the English language.) Lets just call it intense. It is in times like this I get to experience [Read More…]

Pour Some Loving Kindness Into the Place of Not Enough

When you first arrived into this human form you came with exuberance, eager to show the world the gift of YOU. Then a little time passed by, and slowly you began to feel a vague sense of not being “enough”. Just as the air we breathe is shared by us all, sadly this underlying current [Read More…]

Are you allowing yourself to be supported?

In my Yoga class this morning I found my self  leaning my legs up towards the wall, a blanket was rolled up underneath my thighs. I had two pillows supporting both my wrists, and one under my head. Oh, and did I mention the warm soft blanket hugging my whole body? This was the point [Read More…]

One day you just find yourself dancing

The infinite universe planted a seed. Inside the seed is all the wisdom, the inspiration and clarity, everything the seed needs in order to grow into what it is meant to be. It has the spark of life within it, and will, in one way or the other, grow to fulfill its incarnation, because there [Read More…]

The Women’s Ashram in Corfu, Greece If you are planning to come with us to Corfu this year, don’t wait too long to reserve your place, we are filling up quickly. As of today these are the spaces that are still open: Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training: Still places left Yogini Paradise Retreat Two weeks: [Read More…]

pssst… sister… the universe is hiring

So I pray. It is my job. For real. Everything that we explore in the Yogini circles, everything you read here, everything, arises from prayer. But what about self empowerment? What about taking charge of our lives? What about looking for the answer from our own wisdom? What about all the ways women have given [Read More…]

to dive unreservedly into life

It sounds great just to be present. Who wouldn’t choose that? When we look a little closer, we realize that in order to live it, we will have to get down in our bodies. And stay. It is not always pleasant to be in our bodies, but to be present means to welcome life in [Read More…]

Everything is energy

Every living being perceives subject and object, but the Yogini resides in their union. ~ Vijnanabhairava Your body is energy, energy that sometimes moves so slowly that it appears and feels solid, yet in it’s deepest essence, at the crossroads where the scientist and the mystic gaze at each other in absolute surprise, we find [Read More…]

Monsters Need Love Too

Guest Blog by Toko-pa Turner Every self-respecting superhero has an arch-enemy. No matter how strong you get, there will always be a personal kryptonite that drops you to your knees, reduces you to tears, keeps you up all night churning, or causes you to behave badly. Even if you’ve grown wise to it, somehow it [Read More…]

Live as puja ~ beauty- ritual- devotion

Before I sat down to write this note to you, I lit a candle, some incense, and I spread the last withering rose petals from my garden at the feet of my statue of Saraswati, the Goddess of art and writing and creativity. I created a puja.

A woman awake to her Shakti knows herself as a spark of divinity

“It you want to be passionately in love, begin with being passionately in love with yourself.” ~ Lisa Schrader

Have you had tea with your inner monsters lately?

  At the very beginning of time there existed a single sublime couple: the lovely mother earth, Gaia, and the magnificent heavenly sky, Uranus. Gaia was so beautiful that Uranus desired to make never-ending love with her. This celestial lovemaking produced awesome gods, pretty human beings and unwholesome frightful monsters. Ever maternal, she loved them [Read More…]

Embodied Spirituality

Spiritual awakening is not a process in time, it is neither an awesome experience you once had, nor a goal to reach later. Your memories of the past or our plans for the future are simply thoughts. Thoughts coming and going. Your luminous presence is always right here in the moment, fresh and impossible to [Read More…]

How does it Taste? What Texture does it Have?

In our feminine embodiment practices we are not so interested in “why”. Analyzing has its place, of course, but in terms of exploring the deeper layers and the piercing potential of the feminine path, we are encouraged to let go of the  linear “cause and effect” thinking. Everything is connected, but in a much multifaceted [Read More…]