A Luminous Map Of Embodied Awakening (video)

In this talk from the Science and Nonduality Conference, Chameli retells the myth of Gaia and Uranus as a map of how we came to build our identity upon the imagined split between form and the formless.

Awakening from the Trance (video)

In this video, I share how the Amazon jungle ripped off a few masks and initiated me into a profound relationship with Gaia, Mother Earth. It is the most humbling and liberating journey to become an apprentice to Her.

Breathing Earth (audio)

A guided meditation deeper into union with the felt wisdom of the Great Mother and how she breathes and creates as us. Recorded by Chameli while leaning against a giant tree in the Amazon rainforest.

The Heart Meditation (audio)

The Heart Meditation (audio)

A guided meditation that cultivates compassion and the capacity to allow feelings to flow through without them getting stuck.