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85 Women’s Awakening and Empowerment Movies (List)

Dear Yogini Sisters, We asked you on the AWI Facebook Page to share your favorite movies about women’s awakening and empowerment, and here is the list of movies compiled from your responses.  May this list feed your heart and soul during those warm, cozy nights spent on the couch… Here is the list as a [Read More…]

A Shadow Work Practice

This practice is sort of intense. It is about bringing the monsters in the basement– the exiled parts of ourselves — up into the warmth of awareness, so that they no longer can run the show from the shadows. Make sure to connect with your feet and your body before you begin. Put a hand [Read More…]

This Dance is a Prayer (Video/Dance/Spoken words)

We pray We pray We pray

If I Should Fall Behind

  In case you are not visiting us on Facebook, we wanted to offer you some Beauty medicine here. Enjoy!        

Mother of twilight

Mother of twilight tear us away from the density of time. Initiate us into the ever, the all, the breath of the infinite. Baptize us with starlight. Wrap our souls in the shroud of rapture and sound.

Beauty medicine for you…

Spiritual practice, Sadhana, can be the kindest gift 
you can give to yourself and the world.

A future goal of perfection will never make sweaty, hot and holy love to you. Why chase a frigid lover made of plastic, when right here right now, intimacy itself is yearning to love you to pieces, to love you all the way in. Awakening, like love, is not an achievement. It is a blossoming [Read More…]

Stop Talking. Do your Art.

  Go ahead, struggle through it. Pick up the pen already and put it to the page and stop whining. Write. Pick up the brush and be mean to yourself for a change, paint. Dancers, put on the loose chemise, tie the ribbons in your hair, at your waist, or on your ankles and tell [Read More…]

Your holy being unfurls like a flower

  What a ride it is, this life lived in a woman’s body. The moment we think we have found a shelf to rest on, a sort of “aha, so this is how it works”, we are again thrown into new territory. Once we think that we have finally worked through, healed, those old wounds, [Read More…]

Are you looking for Movie tips? Here are 2 movies worth your time.

Dancing in the Flames ~ with Marion Woodman and Andrew Harvey (yes for real!) “Dancing in the Flames is a brilliant and intimate documentary into the life of Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman, who is known for her ground breaking work as a teacher and author on feminine psychology and addiction. We are taken into a [Read More…]

Infinite Enlightening

Progress is only possible through longing. And as the path of progress is infinite, there should be infinite longing. Thus longing becomes itself a form of the infinite, to be desired for its own sake. This is why the mystics idealize longing. The other name for longing is love. Irina Tweedie What a wild ride [Read More…]

Tribute to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

It Is Possible

it is possible to become so one with Earth that every flower perfumes the soul, every snowflake sends icy softness dancing through veins, every drop of rain trickles down vessels of the heart, every cloud in the sky sails along songlines of the spirit, every earthquake rumbles in the gut, every tide of the sea [Read More…]

The Monk and the Moon ~ video

I dedicate this day to that which truly matters. With Love, always

We spit out borrowed ideas, we want the real deal. The direct undeniable realization of the pure beauty that we are.

I am sitting here on my last evening in Corfu. It is the completion phase of our Yogini Paradise retreat 2010. I am just surfacing after two weeks of deep-diving into feminine practices. It feels as we have created a magnificent women’s ashram here on this beautiful island in Greece, it is the fourth year [Read More…]

sadness-shield anybody?

and here it comes. The fall. the storms, the rain, the darkness. the heart ache. the sadness. and no. The feminine embodiment practices does not make me feel less. Or make me have heavenly control over my feelings (I did after all, right there in the kitchen supply store earlier today, between the shelves with [Read More…]

this is the most touching & genius art I have experienced in a long time

I came across this website today and what I experienced there made me cry. I will not spoil it for you, so I will not say anything more other than to tell you that you need some speed for your computer and connection to make it work so head on over to for a [Read More…]

Do not let this universe regret you

Praise the miracle of this body. Another blast-our-hearts-open slam poetry goddess, Marty McCollen, is giving us the warning; Speak, march, dream: Do not let this universe regret you

“I did not meet Jesus, I met a dog.”

I just read a wonderful story by spiritual activist Andrew Harvey about a faded movie actress who reclaims her will to live when she one day meets a homeless dog. In serving and taking care of this and other homeless animals she finds meaning. “Her life did not change because she had a vision or [Read More…]

There’s nothing more beautiful…

Hey, you are in for a treat sister. To me listening to gifted poets like Sara Kay is pure darshan far beyond most of the staring-talking-very- slowly-namaste-I am-beyond-everything (but-i-have-a-huge-monster-under-my-bed)-kind-of-spiritual-gurus. Poetry  offered in this way (here as so-called Slam Poetry) does not just TALK about love, or just TALK about spirit, it transports me right into [Read More…]