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Create your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ E-book



I am excited to share these practices with you;
my exploration of them has transformed my life.
My prayer is that they will serve you well,

and that through you, they will serve all sentient beings.    


Want to start your own Women’s Temple Group?


15203186_10154499331152702_6488689340218687669_nIn this manual, you will find the ABC’s of how to create your own Temple Group.
You will receive both practical tools and wisdom from experience laid out step-by-step by Chameli Ardagh, founder and director of Awakening Women, and Helena Montelius.

You will receive guidelines for creating a conscious women’s culture where women meet for an embodied exploration of feminine spirituality. These practices are designed by women for women; they are a method of spiritual practice that embraces and enhances our feminine nature, instead of asking us to transcend or deny it. In embracing our feminine nature, we are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in the world.






Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ Practices and Guidelines
61 pages, E-book in PDF format  | Thousands of copies sold worldwide



We have a German version of this E-book here. 


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In this manual you will receive:

In-depth guidelines for leading temple

A detailed menu of 20 temple evenings described from start to finish

A list of feminine inquiry practices

A sample letter for inviting women to temple

A list of music fit for different temple themes


You will learn:

Helpful tips for structuring your temple group

How to create a strong foundation of leadership

How to hold sacred space

How to practice with feelings

Why we use respectful touch in temple

How to navigate tension and judgments that may arise in temple

How to guide women to share with words

How to invite new women to your temple group

How to introduce temple practices to new women


“To me Temple is a portal through which we nudge each other,
tickle, seduce, sometimes even drag each other until
we find ourselves basking in those magical realms
where our devotion and recognition of beauty
is almost unbearable.
Surrounded by glowing faces, unmasked, free and totally welcomed,
ecstasy is rippling through the room like golden honey,
erasing any trace of separation between us…”

~Chameli Ardagh,
from Create your own Women’s Temple Group





The Temple manual is a precious tool, clear, rich deep and simple. Part of my own work now includes regular temples, they have become a resting place and rich reminder of the ways of the feminine heart and the inner temple. Their inclusion has allowed me to open up my own work to new woman in an inclusive, non-threatening way so they can taste their own magnificence and bathe in the sweetness of their true nature.

 I was already working with woman before I met Chameli and was introduced to Temple. Her presence and way of relating took me and my work to a whole new level, she lived and breathed what she taught. I could feel it in such a feminine way in my body. She invited me in and welcomed me home.
Gina Holland


Guidelines Included in the Temple Manual:

The Higher Purpose and Intention of the Temple Group

Practice Staying in the Silence of the Heart

Sacred Sharing With Words

When Our Stuff Comes Up

Give What You Are Longing For

Structure and Flow

Inviting and Initiating New Women



A Sample of Temple Evenings Included:

Deep Nourishment

Practicing Surrender

The Secrets of the Womb

Prayer-The Feminine Way

Riding the Tiger

Women’s Council

Expressing Deeper Gifts

Worshiping the Goddess

Merging with Nature

Celebrating Moon Blood

Letting the Old Die



“In our Temple spirituality is not an abstract concept of the mind, it is a down-in-the-body,
fully-present-with-whatever-is-here way of life.
Here spirituality is not to follow dusty dogmas.
It is a spirituality felt intimately as each breath enters the body,
as the body opens to the sensuous experience of the moment with such intensity
that there is no space for any evaluation.
Here we are all of a sudden one with life not as a concept
but cell-by-cell, atom-by-atom. And beyond.

~Chameli Ardagh,
from Create your own Women’s Temple Group



Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ Practices and Guidelines
61 pages, E-book in PDF format  |  Thousands of copies sold worldwide




We have a German version of this E-book here.


What is Women’s Temple?

Women’s Temple is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space where we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen, in all our glory and pain and passion and vulnerability.
 Where we return to the wisdom of our own feminine roots and listen to what we know to be true in our bones and in the very depth of our soul.  We practice a fierce willingness to let the this moment touch us for real, and the experience of life in this woman’s body to become more transparent, fluid.

We practice the feminine way, an all inclusive in-the-body spirituality, beyond dusty dogmas and far-fetched goals of the future. Spiritual awakening, instead of being a peak experience you once had, or a concept you read about and compare yourself with, becomes a lived and embodied realization of freedom and love uniquely experienced and expressed through you.  Women’s Temple is the bridge across the tormenting schism between spirit and our aching humanness. It rips away the fog, the dusty old concepts, the plastic spiritual food, and invites us to feast at the table with the Goddess herself.

Go here to read more about Women’s Temple.


Can anyone start a Temple Group?

Yes, as long as you have the longing to meet women in a new way. The temple manual is full of tools and resources to help you to start a temple group, whether you are new to the practices or have already experienced temple.


Do I have to be trained by AWI to start my own temple?

It is not necessary to have attended an AWI retreat or Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Training to start your own women’s temple; many women have started a temple group without having attended an AWI retreat or training. Still, there is a great advantage to having an in-the-body experience of temple practices when leading a temple group, and we have a whole body of training and retreats to support you in deepening your understanding of the intention and culture of women’s temple.

VerenaI’ve been working with the practices of women’s temple since 2009, and it is an ongoing journey into the depth of the feminine wisdom and love. I am grateful beyond words for having practical tools to bring forth what really matters. I love witnessing the appearance of the Goddess in every woman who passes the door of the Temple and claims her genuine seat, which is Love Love Love.
Verena Hirschmann


Do I have to follow the manual guidelines and practices exactly when I lead Temple?

When you use the temple manual, you can follow an evening outline exactly, you can modify the practices to suit your group, or you can pick different sections from different evenings to create your own evening. In the manual, you will also find a section with a list of feminine inquiries, which can be “thrown in” wherever you feel they fit.

If you would like to create a temple group using the practices we share here, however, we passionately invite you to follow the guidelines included in the manual. They have been tested and carefully molded and we know that they support temple to be a sanctuary that grows and thrives. But remember, they are guidelines, not rules.


Can I use “Women’s Temple” for the name of my group?

What you name your temple group is up to you, and you are welcome to use the name “Women’s Temple” for your group. All we request is that you use something other than Awakening Women, as that is a registered trademark.


I looked at the temple group list and I couldn’t find any in my area. What do you suggest?

You can start your own temple group with the help of the temple manual—perhaps there are women in your community who also long for the kind of sanctuary women’s temple holds, and just need the invitation for it to be created.


What if I don’t have anyone to start temple with? Can I practice on my own?

Yes, and there are many temple practices in the manual that you can modify to do on your own. Then, once you feel comfortable, you can start to invite other women. Your own practice will become the foundation for what kind of temple you want to have with others, and your own familiarity with temple practices can become a powerful invitation and container for other women to step into.

The very first women’s temple started in Nevada City in 2005 with just two women meeting regularly, and was just a small group of 2-5 women for the first year. S there is no minimum number of women needed for temple to happen. The practices can be just as powerful and deep with a few women.


I want to start my own temple group, but there is already an existing temple group in my area. Can I still start my own group?

Yes, we have several cities that have multiple temple groups. The temple group that you start will have its own unique medicine and flavor, and can often compliment temple groups in similar areas, serving the women who want a temple group but can only meet on a certain day of the week or who long for more opportunities to be in women’s temple. Women who lead temple groups in nearby areas often will attend each other’s temple as a chance to go deeper in their own practice and receive support and inspiration.


Can I have my temple group listed on the AWI website?  

We are happy to support you by listing your temple group on our website. To have your temple group listed, we ask that you meet the following guidelines:

You have participated in at least one Awakening Women event

You have read the “Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group” manual

Your group will follow the intention and culture of Women’s Temple (of course with your own unique flavor)

To get listed, please download the following two documents. Fill out the questionnaire and send it by e-mail ( back to us:

Temple Group Listing Guidelines (download)

Temple Group Questionnaire (download)


How can I order temple manuals and Sisterhood Manifesto cards in bulk for my temple group?

Contact us at for bulk pricing and include how many manuals or cards you would like.


I downloaded the Women’s Temple Manual in 2009, when I had a yearning desire for a Vanessasacred experience of the feminine with other women in my community in Cape Town, South Africa.  At that time I was in an abusive relationship and my feminine essence felt so dried up that I immediately set up 2 temple gatherings.The manual was inspiring and informative in a way that I felt confident to apply the exercises and format of Women’s Temple and try it out right away.  The healing, insight, support, and incredible response I received from the 2 successful temples I held there, were so powerful that I was prompted to leave that toxic relationship and move back home to the United States.  The Temple Manual and successive temples were the beginning of a new chapter in my feminine journey, and led me to a deepening spiral of my work.  I eventually attended the Women’s Temple Group Leadership Training and later the Yogini Initiation Retreat in India, which were both experiences that have enriched my practice, self-knowledge, and feminine flow in invaluable ways.

Though the Temple Manual on its own is a wonderfully complete way to initiate and lead women’s groups, my profound experiences in the training led me to integrate and embody more fully the principles of the temple practice and to more powerfully own my leadership.

Chameli’s teachings are a cornerstone of my feminine practice, because she teaches with a fierceness and grace that guides you to an embodied understanding and experience of the feminine spirit, rather than teaching you just concepts of the mind.  My experiences in temple and in training with her have resonated in my cells and in my bones, so that I can now choose to carry and embody that grace, that fierceness, that beauty, that truth, in any moment of my life.
Vanessa Nova



Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group ~ Practices and Guidelines
61 pages, E-book in PDF format | Thousands of copies sold worldwide