The rain is falling here; Earth is pouring her tears into the ground. As the world has been falling apart, so have I—and I stand firmly rooted in trusting it is not a mistake.

Here is a video where I share about taking a stand for allowing the dismantling and the mess—amidst the thousand voices and theories of how we should be reacting to this crisis—and the myths and practices that carry me through it all.

Leaning into the Unknown,

**Note: there is cursing at the beginning of this video**


We will soon be gathering for a 21 day Becoming Gaia’s Oracle sadhana to call upon the guidance of Gaia in these times, listen deeply for her message, pray for the world and support each other in this time of great unknown. To learn more and take your seat, go here.​​​​​​​

(As always, no one is turned away for lack of funds; simply contact us and we will make it work.)