Drink from the Goddess Well

Note: Chameli was dropped from the call in the beginning and that created a change with the opening.

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These are the goddesses Chameli spoke about during temple:

  1. Chinnamasta ~ She teaches us to draw spiritual nourishment from within ourselves, and how to find the balance of giving and receiving. She is pictured holding her chopped off head, whose blood stream feeds herself and her two Yogini sisters.
  2. Dhumavati ~ The Goddess of the void. She is the consciousness within regrets, bitterness, loss, aging, loneliness. She is fog, smoke; the one who hides some things so others can be illuminated.
  3. Bagalamukhi ~ The great paralyzer: She paralyzes the demon’s tongue with her club and with sound. She stops energy in its tracks, catapults us out of never-ending thought loops.
  4. Matangi ~ She is the wild earthy sister of Saraswati: Goddess of song, music, words, poetry, art. A dark green Goddess, beautiful and wild. She lives on the edge of society, protecting her freedom above all.
  5. Kamala ~ the lotus Goddess is an aspect of Lakshmi. Voluptuous and beautiful she embodies material beauty permeated with Shree. She is sensuality, pleasure, relationship, money, home. She shows us that we need our roots in order to fully blossom spiritually.

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