Guest poem by Julie Freeman, written during our Durga Sadhana

You can be sure
She is awake
Summoned by the gods again
For battle

Perplexed by their own chaos
They quietly confess they need her
Now more than ever
To move mountains
Put out fires
End the endless fighting
And lay down their shame
For what they have created
For what they have destroyed

She knows what to do
Of course
She is the divine mother
The whole world her children
Their blood is her blood
Their tears are her tears

Her gaze is unyielding
Enough is enough, she tells them
And they know she is right
She is awake to a new reality
Where peace is possible
And the ever-present abundance of life
Shares itself everywhere for everyone

Fierce in her devotion
Their hearts are her heart
And so she stitches them all back together with tender hands
She speaks only of compassion, equality and beauty
She helps them remember why they are here

She gathers the sticks
And the stones
And all the greed and the hatred
She takes away the fear and the pride
And she smooths the way for kindness
For community and cooperation
For peace and harmony
For heaven on earth

Julie Freeman is a psychotherapist, coach, writer, activist and yogini practicing in San Diego, California. She is a passionate advocate for radical self love and compassionate social responsibility.

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Photo Credit: © Awakening Women