Devi Yoga

To listen to the instructions, play the top recording; to listen to the meditation, play the bottom recording.

In this inner yoga practice, you will first be guided through a mantra practice for melting energetic knots in your body, and for awakening the Shakti of Durga within you.

The mantra we use is DUM.

This is the Bija (seed) mantra of Durga.

You will then be guided through a visualization where you will meet with Durga and dialogue with Her.
In this devi yoga, our focus is commitment, and you will be invited to ask Durga any questions you may have around commitment and share what it means to you: what you are longing to commit to; what you are already committed to; what you fear and doubt around it.

Although I guide the meditation as if She appears as a Goddess before you, She may instead appear to you as a color, as an animal, as a feeling or a mood. Trust the way she takes form for you; it may be different than you expect.