Eternal Mother Retreat Recording




Welcome & Opening Prayer – 0:00
Practice (Dome of Protection) – 20:55
Eternal Mother Talk – 1:05:16
Practices – 2:06:28 (with Mother line – Embodiment then Journaling prompts start @ 2:52:50)
Ritual Offerings – 3:15:57
Sharing Circle – 3:38:22


Here is the journaling prompt from the retreat:

I invite you to write a letter. I invite you to imagine one of your grandmothers. Even if you didn’t know her, just feel into her because she existed; if not you wouldn’t exist.

Feeling into one of your grandmothers as a child, as a little girl when she was uninterrupted, she was untamed, the life thread was free in her.  Write a letter to her of encouragement, love and acknowledgement. Write her words that you think she would have liked to hear. 



RAV Relaxing Journey by Calm Whale
Opening by Wah!
All Related by Nessi Gomes
Unlocking the Doors of Eternity by Ape Chimba
Return to Love by Susie Ro
Whale Dreaming by Kamal
Rezo by Giselle World
Rose by Ayla Schafer


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