Eternal Mother

21 Day Sadhana

Source Connection  *  Compassion  *   Sacred Boundaries


with Chameli Gad

April 24 May 14, 2024




The love of Eternal Mother is not something you have to earn or deserve,
it is your very own essence, who you ARE and have always been.
Your heart is rooted in Her heart, you can never be too much, or not enough for Her, flaws and halos, Her love holds ALL of you, just as you are.

Yet, as daughters of ancestral mother lines running through centuries of patriarchy, many of us experience that the umbilical cord to our Source Mother—
earth, cosmos and LIFE itself—is full of knots, wounds,
and a mistrust so prevalent we have learned to call it normal.



That feeling of not being supported.

Of not having enough. Of not being enough.

Feeling betrayed, abandoned.

The endless chase to be good.

To contort ourselves to be deserving of love.

The confusion around boundaries, the people pleasing.

The shame, the longing and fear of being truly seen.

The tension. The over working, overthinking.

All the ways we abandon ourselves, sacrificing ourselves,
over riding our dharmic desire for joy and freedom.


But… through it all your heart remembers, doesn’t it…
the soft warmth of Her embrace.

The cells of your body whisper songs of trust in the night, of feeling safe and supported here on earth.

Your soul never left the bliss of surrender. Just like the flower stretching its tender neck towards the sun, the innate intelligence of life itself keeps orienting you towards primordial nourishment.


Through daily practice, Goddess mythology and live online gatherings we will establish
the Three Mothers within:
three Goddess powers that allow us to
embody luminous awareness, unconditional love,
and sacred boundaries in our lives. 

We will offer up prayers for healing and forgiveness for our ancestral mother line,
and dive deep into practices and rituals to restore ourselves
in the primordial trust and love of our original source,
our Eternal Mother.



If you struggle with setting boundaries…

If you feel a longing to carve out space in your life for communion
with the luminous Source within you…

If you feel tired and out of balance in the dance of giving and receiving…

If you feel thirsty for spiritual nourishment…

If you long for support, protection, to be held,
and to know a love that never lets you down…

If you sense something calling you, something subtle, a whisper, a hum…

Then this sadhana may be just right for you.

“I feel like I have a new map in my body, a way to incorporate both the grief and joy, the love and light.”

Thank you Chameli and the Awakening Women team for Sadhana.
I feel like I have a new map in my body, a way to incorporate both the grief and joy, the love and light but also the fear of living a fragile, temporal life, into my being.

The framework of the myth and the support of the Yogini circle are a huge empowerment bringing more of me to life, to presence, to fully being here.
I feel more alive!

Ellen Davidson

Practical Information

What is included?

:: Daily practices/guidance/poetry into your email inbox.

:: 3 Live online retreats (Saturdays: April 27, May 4 and 11 at 11 am PDT) ~ Goddess Mythology & Embodied Spiritual Practice.

:: Classes will be recorded, and will also be available to download as MP3.

:: Access to a private Facebook group where you can share and receive insights and support.

What happens after I register?

:: When you submit your payment, you will be prompted to create an account in our online portal where recordings and practices will be located. You will also get a welcome email. (If you do not receive it, check your spam folder or contact us).

:: Beginning Wednesday, April 24, you will receive your daily emails and Zoom details for each of the live online retreats and their recordings. You will also get access to the private Facebook group.




What is Shakti Sadhana?

Sadhana means spiritual practice.
Shakti is a Sanskrit name for the feminine creative life force of the universe.

Shakti Sadhana is embodied spiritual practice, where the Goddess is the portal to awakening. In this practice, you consciously engage with both your inner and outer life, your darkness and your light, essentially seeing all of it as part of the unfathomable wholeness you are made of.

Shakti Sadhana is not a seclusive spiritual practice; it is a path that permeates every aspect of our lives.

What will I learn in a 21 Day Sadhana?

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Goddess Wisdom path is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus our practice in sadhana is not toward a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent within each woman.

In ancient Goddess mythology, we find maps supporting us in this awakening process, and you will be initiated into practices from this alive lineage of Goddess embodied spirituality that Chameli and the Awakening Women community are dedicated to.

How does it work?

The sadhana begins Wednesday, April 24. That day you will receive your first email, and you will also be invited into a private online group. Once a day (except for the day of the Zoom retreats), you will receive a short email with a new practice or a poem that will inspire you and keep you on track.

On Saturday, April 27, we will meet for the first of three live retreats with Chameli, on Zoom. These retreats will take place on Saturdays (April 27, May 4 & 11) at 11 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Eastern, 20.00 Central Europe. The calls will last 90 minutes.

The retreats will be recorded so you can listen to them at any time. In between the live retreats, you will practice on your own. You can check in with your practice community as often as you like in the private online group.

Will I have the time to do sadhana in the midst of a busy life?

You participate as much as is possible for you. To do some practice is better than no practice, and many of the practices are done in the midst of your life, as it is for you.

Once you enter the sadhana, you enter a mandala of Shakti, of transformation. The practices and teachings will, independent of how much you “do”, unfold in unexpected ways.

Who is it for?

If you long to root yourself in a deeper truth, to live awakening in your daily life, to embody Shakti—the divine creative power—more fully, then this sadhana is for you. We do go deep; we do embrace both shadow and light as aspects of Goddess. We meet in a shared dedication to living awake.

If you feel called, a pull, a sense of YES inside…then claim your seat in the circle.

All levels of experience are welcome. Our focus in embodied spirituality is on direct experience.

YOUR experience is the authority. Always.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we do offer partial scholarships. For more information and to apply, please send us an email.

“It is very rare to find guidance with so much lived yogic wisdom and humility at the same time.”

Also the container is so exquisitely beautiful, magical, creative and harmoniously ordered. I feel so deeply safe and heard, it brings me on the path of self acceptance and acceptance of otherness.

Aikya Nathalie Verburgh

Your Guide

Chameli Gad Ardagh

Founder, Awakening Women

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a mystic and Goddess Wisdom Keeper. Through her love of ancient wisdom teachings, her own practice in Goddess circles all over the world she has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honoring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.


“I was able to feel the presence of Goddess like never before”

I was able to feel the presence of Goddess like never before. The message of softening was there again; softening of the senses and the mental grip. Thank you Dear Chameli Ardagh and sisters at Awakening Women Institute for taking the leadership to hold this Sacred Space. May all that’s done be a blessing to all. Namaste.

Safi Jayari
Volunteer at Isha Foundation

“I love everything about the Sadhana program or journey. The daily emails are brilliant.”

The process is so gentle, each day is a welcome guide. Each sadhana I have done has been different in information and instruction but the ending feeling on day 21 is PURE JOY. I like the Q&A with Chameli’s talks. I usually read them before I get out of bed. It was like a visit from a good friend. The sheer poetry of the writing intrigued me and my day began smoothly. I call an ASMR dream like a day where I feel calm, relaxed, see the humor and joy of living. If I had more time and money I would do more.

Dawn Anderson

“There have been both subtle changes and massive changes in my life since I started the Sadhana!”

There have been both subtle changes and massive changes in my life since I started the Sadhana! I have now been able to adapt a daily practice and remind myself of so many gifts that she bestows upon me and my life on a daily basis.I am eternally grateful for opening this door for me because I know that she has always been in my life but I didn’t know how to connect to her in a deeper, more meaningful way. Now I do!

Sapna Chandaria

“I emerge each time with a felt sense that I am sacred and profoundly enough.”

Each Sadhana that I’ve participated in has been an outpouring of precious gems in my own being. The beauty that unfolds quenches a thirst within me that I have never felt satisfied through any other healing experience. Chameli’s teachings bring me home to my roots, as I re-member my ancient self in ever-deepening layers. 

Princess Berman aka Goldenrose

“I am on my knees at the power of this circle”

It’s been a big Sadhana for me…a return home into myself, moving through lots of my own shadows. Sisters, I am on my knees at the power of this circle. I feel it. I breathe it. More and more in my life I realize the power of practice—that I really do not need to figure anything out. I am beyond words with gratitude! I bow to all of you. I send you my deepest love from my heart and the fruits of this work

Rosalie Whatley
Moon Cycle Educator
Rosalie Amber Grace

“I feel like I’ve found home ‘within’ “

My heart overflows with love for all the sisters journeying here. I feel like I’ve found home ‘within’. I am no longer running from my deep emotions and I embrace my humanity and allow spirit to be within me, not something I escape to. I now know I can be the deeply feeling woman I am and own every part of me; this is a gift beyond words. I humbly bow with joy in my heart. I am here, my heart is open. I just loved this Sadhana so, so much!

Bella Donna
Counsellor & Healer