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Frequently Asked Questions ~ Yogini Ashram Corfu ~ 2016

Do I need any previous experience with women’s work to join you in Corfu?

As long as you are willing to explore a new way of being with other women beyond our collective  tendencies of competition and gossiping, you are warmly welcome to join us! The practices we explore together may evoke strong feelings in you, both of pleasure and of discomfort, and our staff and the entire circle is there to hold you in the most healing and safe space. Our practices can sometimes be physically vigorous, so be prepared to move your body!

In order to benefit from these retreats, you need to come prepared to dive fully into the practices, and it is best if you have a basic understanding of feminine/embodied spiritual practice. We do not spend much time discussing awakening in theoretical matters, through practice we go deep into direct experience.

Week 1 is for all women (although we recommend that you have some experience with spiritual practice)

Week 2 In order to join the second week, you will have to have participated in the first week or previous retreats with AWI. It is extra challenging to join a retreat in the middle, so we recommend all women to join the first week if you only can come for one week. Please read more below.

Week 3 is for women who have some experience with AWI (this could be an online sadhana).

Week 4 is for women who have already practiced in live retreats with AWI and want to deepen in their practice.

Be aware that although there are plenty of breaks to rest and integrate, there is an intensity to the embodiment practices that can be challenging if you are not used to it.

Our retreats are based on powerful shakti practices which can open strong currents of Kundalini in the body. These are not therapeutic programs. If you are in any way feeling unstable psychologically, are going through a severe crisis or have a history of mental illness, we ask you to not join these events.

Can I come for one week of Yogini Paradise only?

The Yogini Paradise retreat is a two week process. If you only can come for one week, we recommend that you come for the first week. If you have participated in our Corfu events or any other longer AWI program before, you can join the retreat midway. Please be aware that the second week is a continuation and deepening of the process that has been initiated in the first week of the retreat. If you choose to join only for the second week, you are joining a process that has already started. You will be expected to join the group at the level of depth that is already established, and this can be challenging coming directly from a busy life. We recommend all women to join the first week of Yogini Paradise if you only can come for one week.

What are the costs?

Please see the registration page that describes all the prices for the Yogini Summer Ashram.

Discount if you reserve more than one Yogini Summer Ashram Event:

If you book all 4 weeks, you will get Yogini Lounge (week 3) for free (discount 350 ,-€ ).

If you book one or two weeks of Yogini Retreat + Yogini Lounge (week 3), you will get a discount of 100 ,-€.

If you book Yogini Lounge (week 3) + Deepening Yogini Shakti Immersion (week 4), you will get a discount of 100 ,-€.

If you book one week of Yogini Retreat + Yogini Lounge (week 3)  + Training (week 4), you will get a discount of  200 ,-€.


What is included in the Retreat Price?

The retreat price includes a unique retreat program designed to deeply nourish your body, heart and spirit, lead by acclaimed leaders in their field of expertise. The price does not include food/lodging, travel or individual sessions.

What is included in the Accommodation price?

The accommodation price includes bed in double occupancy, delicious breakfast and dinner. It does not include lunch, wine/beer or cappuccino. Zorba Travel will be happy to answer your further questions about accommodations.

How do I register for the retreat I’m interested in?

There are five easy steps to the registration process:

  1. Contact Dominique at and tell her that you are ready to register for the retreat.
    Your place will be reserved as soon as you:
  2. Pay the deposit of 200EUR. This you can do directly via Paypal on our website*
    or by transferring money into our bank account in Norway:

    IMPORTANT: Mark the transfer with your name, contact info with e-mail and“Corfu Retreat”.

    Remember: Your place is not reserved until we have your deposit.
    *There is an extra 20 EUR fee for payment through Paypal

  3. Make your travel arrangements (Catarina can give you helpful tips).
  4. Contact Zorbas Travel in Germany and book your room ~ ph:+49 89/29160680 or
  5. You will pay the remaining money by May 1st at the latest. If we have not received the remaining payment by this date,
    you may lose your place + the deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation before February 15, we will keep 50% of your deposit as an administration fee.

In case of cancellation between February 15th and May 1st, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee.

We are not responsible for any changes in the exchange rates throughout the year.

After May 1st there will be no refunds.

In case of sickness, you may transfer the course fee (minus deposit) to a future course. You have to use your credit for a similar course within a year, and you can only transfer the money once. There will be no refunds or further transfer of credits if there is a difference in the course price. If the course you are transferring to costs more, you pay the difference and deposit.

We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.

How far is it to the beach?

The retreat center is a lovely 10 minute walk from the beach through aromatic olive fields and stunning flora. There are sections of the beach where you can swim in the nude.

What about lunch?

You can buy lunch in one of the many small supermarkets and eat in your apartment or on the beach. Or you can have wonderful Greek food at one of the cozy restaurants that are next to the beach. The prices are from 6 EUR and up.

Isn’t it very hot in June/July?

Yes, this is the summertime and it gets hot in the day. The ocean is cool, and our group room is blessed with air conditioning and fans. (If you are sensitive to air-conditioning, please bring a shawl/sweater to the room.) The evenings are usually a bit cooler.

How do I get from the airport to Alexis Zorbas?

Zorba Travel is arranging airport transfers for passengers arriving and departing on Saturday, this costs 18 EUR each way. Many of the flights from Scandinavia arrive on Friday, and if there are enough women, Zorba will arrange for an extra bus for us, also 18 EUR.  Alternatively you can share a taxi, which costs around 60 EUR one way. The trip from the airport to Alexis Zorbas takes a little less than an hour.

Do I have to stay at the retreat center?

Yes, we have an agreement with Alexis Zorbas that the participants in our retreats stay in the Zorbas apartments. If you for special reasons need to discuss alternative lodging, please contact Alexis Zorbas.

Can I bring my children?

We strongly recommend you not bring your children for the week of the retreat. The sessions can be very deep, and you will most probably need to spend the free time with yourself and your Yogini sisters for integration and relaxation.

I am longing for a vacation and would like to join for some sessions only; is this possible?

The retreat is a deepening in feminine practices and not primarily a vacation. We will have plenty of time for rest in between the sessions, and we wish for all participants to be present in all the sessions. If you would like a retreat with more vacation time, join us for Week 3 ~ Yogini Lounge.

Can I have individual sessions with the retreat facilitators?

Yes, for an extra cost you can book individual sessions in the times there are no program. In the beginning of the week we will put out lists where you can book your time. These sessions are usually fully booked, so be sure to reserve your time early.

Here are the offerings:
Carina-Maria ~ Life Coaching
Chameli ~ Spiritual Counseling
Anita ~ Goddess styling
Helga ~ Trauma release & Cranial Sacral

Need more Information?

Contact Dominique:
(click on link)