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Feeling Into Life

It’s Karen from the Awakening Women team, with a little glimpse into my world…

I would like to share with you what I am experiencing in my life these days: the simplicity and efficiency of a balanced life!

I initially didn’t think I had anything noteworthy to share with you. Overall, life seemed pretty calm and routine with the inevitable ups and downs that I was navigating pretty well.
But as I remembered that it wasn’t always this way, it made me curious about what made this possible. I reflected on the essential practices that have helped me flow with change, be playful and spontaneous and unfold from a solid ground of deep trust.

In 2011, I completed eight years in a busy and demanding job that nearly exhausted my nervous system. I just knew I needed a vacation and decided to join the Corfu Summer Ashram in Greece. I was new to Awakening Women and didn’t fully know what I had signed up for or why I was traveling thousands of miles to a Greek island. Landing in the yogini circle turned out to be a challenging and nourishing experience, a much-needed balm for my overworked mind and shaky body.

I felt very much at home with the chanting, meditating and silence. However, connecting with the other women was a bit clunky and awkward in the beginning, as my left brain still wanted to “get it right.”

This feminine, integrative approach seemed too slow for me—and involved feelings, for heaven’s sake! I was ready to just see through it all and be done with it! But I dove into the practices, intuitively knowing this was exactly what I needed. I knew it was going to take some time and a lot of patience for long-held tension to unravel, and for these embodiment practices to really penetrate and reveal their gifts.
Over the years, I continued to be drawn to practices that invited me into the body and into honest relationship, into the challenge of opening up and being vulnerable. I committed to do my sadhana first thing in the morning and to stay with the same practices for several weeks at a time.

One of the basic yet most powerful practices I committed to was simply slowing down and noticing what was directly being experienced, heard, seen and felt. Touching the reality of life without commentary. To sit with the energy that arises after a challenging interaction or pause to meditate or chant while my computer is re-charging.

Dear sister, what do you notice when you get still and let your awareness open wide to your direct experience? What are the ways you pause to meet the aliveness in your body?

I am holding space for slowing down, feeling and opening to the wisdom that is right here. I am grateful for the daily opportunities life offers to pause and allow my attention to drop inside.

With Simple Presence,
Event Co-coordinator

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