Gaia Sadhana ~ The Serpent + The Oracle (audio)

Guided by: Chameli Gad Ardagh

:: Practice ~ Shaking the Serpent Alive

This soft shaking practice is done standing up to awaken the Serpent Shakti in your body,
the subtle tremor vibrating all into life, the guardian of wisdom present inside every cell.

Standing up, take a wide stance and relax your body completely. Soften your knees and let your awareness drop down into the pelvis. Begin shaking your body, letting your spine be fluid like a snake, your pelvic bowl floating on your hip joints. After some time, let the shaking become softer and come to a stillness.

As your body becomes still, notice how the shaking continues in the subtle body, and follow that tremor in. Let your hips sway softly, relaxing any tension. Tune into the center of your womb, resting your awareness in the subtle pulsation of Shakti in your body.

It is powerful to do this first practice as a warm up for the practice below, and it also works fine to do them as separate practices.


Guided by: Chameli Gad Ardagh

:: Practice ~ Oracle Within

In this inner yoga practice, you are invited to bring questions and receive answers from the oracle within. In the beginning, you will be guided to explore the mantra Gaia Maia Ma (Earth Mother), focusing on the vibrations in your body while you chant, allowing them to activate and open the oracle within you.

It is best to turn up the volume or use headphones for this practice.

If you would like, have a notebook and pen or colored pencils with you, to write or draw what comes.