Giving Voice to the Voiceless


In this practice you will be guided through three parts:

1. First you will call forth and give voice to the hidden parts through dance. [0:27]
2. Next you will lay down on your back and give them voice by making sounds. [5:45]
3. Lastly, you will give them voice through words and writing. [14:28]

It is totally fine to skip some parts, and only do those that work for you.
You will need: pen and paper, room to dance, and a place to lay down.




Guided by: SimoneRita Egger
Music by: Liholesie, Deuter, Klaus Wiese


SimoneRita Egger

Awakening Women Teacher

SimoneRita is a single mother of two teenagers and lives in Zurich. Her path has led her to various wisdom teachers, from toltec shamanism up to tantric Buddhism. Her feminine spiritual practice consists of meditation, dance, movement, chanting, being a business woman and a mother. For many years she has been holding women’s temple groups and workshops for women. As a Yogini she practices feminine embodied spirituality. She passionately engages in an intimate relationship with every experience and every moment, always in search of unconditional truth in this often times challenging life in a woman’s body. SimoneRita has been studying with Awakening Women since 2013.