Goddess Rinse

Guided by: Chameli Gad Ardagh

A meditation in offering every part of your body to the Goddess.  A practice of truly acknowledging that your body is Her body.

Practice: Move your hands from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, slowly massaging each part of your body with presence in your hands. Offer every capacity and ability of each part of your body to Her.  Acknowledge that these parts of the body are Hers, that their capacity is Her capacity.

Written Instructions (for those who prefer this to the audio):

Begin by placing your hand on your head. Massage your fingertips into the head. Touch the head as if it is the first time that you feel this area of your body.  Whisper internally, “I offer this brain to you. My mind is one with Her mind.”  The capacity to receive and digest information and distribute impulses of action is Her capacity to receive and distribute information.

Massage the ears. Offer to Her the capacity to listen.  Acknowledge that the listening, the listener, and that which is heard is all Her body, is all Her.

Bring your hands to the forehead; offer clear-seeing in all dimensions. Acknowledge that it is Her presence that allows our intuition, our clear-seeing, the capacity to see through the seemingly solid surface of things.

Massaging the physical eyes, eye sockets. Offer the process of seeing. Acknowledge that the one who sees and that which is seen, and the process of seeing is all Her.

Move to the nose, offering the capacity to smell all fragrances, and the one who is acknowledging smells, all offered as flowers at Her feet.

Move to the mouth, offering your words, the capacity to speak.

Move down to the throat, massaging the throat, acknowledging this first portal, this entryway into the body. Offering all that you swallow into Her.

Move your hands now to the back of neck. Acknowledge this highway of information moving through this narrow gateway back and forth from the brain to the different organs in the body. Offer this capacity to distribute information. Acknowledge that this information and the capacity to distribute, absorb, and act upon information is all Her.

Move your left hand to your right shoulder. Massage your right shoulder and offer everything that you are carrying—offer it at Her feet. Let the breath drop deep down into the body. With each out breath, let go a little more as your hand moves down the arm. Offer the capacity to give; acknowledge that the giver, the one receiving the giving, and the process of giving is all Her.

Bring your right hand to the left shoulder. Massage the left shoulder, and offer everything that you carry. Everything that you hold onto. Everything you take upon your shoulders—offer it all at Her feet, now.

Massage down the left arm and hand. Offer the capacity to receive. Acknowledge that the receiver and that which is received, and the process of receiving is all Her.

Move both hands to the chest.  Massage the chest, all the important glands around the collar bone. Massage the middle of the chest, place of the heart center. Offer your heart to the Goddess; offer it at her feet. Acknowledge that Her heart is your heart; it is only one heart beating as many.

Massage the breasts. Offer the capacity to nurture life. Acknowledge that this capacity is Her, is the mother vibrating through you. Also include the lymph’s underneath your arm, these great cleansers. Acknowledge this sophisticated machinery, processes of distilling and cleansing, discarding and filtering. Offer it all at Her feet.

Move your hands now down to the solar plexus. Acknowledge this center of such fine-tuned receptors and communicators, the nervous system. Offer it at Her feet. Acknowledge the quality of strength, the integrity here which is the vibration of her moving you, breathing you.

Move your hands down the right side, to the liver. Feel the liver as the master of cleansing. Offer at Her feet.

Move to the stomach, the hearth of the body. The fires here which know the art of alchemy, of transforming something into nutrition. Offer it at Her feet. Acknowledge that this fire is Her, as your body.

Move down the colon on the left, the great eliminator. Discarding and letting go, letting die that which is not needed.

And down to the reproductive organs. Here where there is the blueprint implanted in you of creation itself. Acknowledge Her as your reproductive organs. No need to look further for advice or guidance in your creativity than right here.

Bring your hands down to the vagina, this flower of bliss, portal made of fine-tuned vibration. The capacity to feel the quality of bliss is Her. Offer it all at Her feet. Acknowledge Her in you. Acknowledge that this vagina is Her vagina, that she has planted as many portals like this as there are females in the world. This vagina is one of her many vaginas, many portals.

Move the hands to the hips. Offer these hips at Her feet. Acknowledge Her in the hips.

Move the hands down the left leg and foot. Tune into the quality of deep rootedness, the capacity to support, to take a stand. Acknowledge that these qualities are Her vibration as you. Offer it to Her.

Move down the right leg and foot. Tune into the quality of action, of swift, precise activity. The capacity to move towards and away, deeply guided by the rhythms of the world. Acknowledge these qualities as Her vibration manifesting as you.

Move the hands up the lower back. Massage the sacrum and tailbone. As your hands connect with this place in the body, fill your hands with the uttermost reverence. Let your hands become very receptive, and tune into the latent, dormant energy coiled up in the base of the spine, in Her form as Kundalini. Know that there is no need to abruptly awaken this energy, that this energy is patiently waiting here for your instrument to be ready to allow more and more Shakti, life energy to flow through you.

Bow at Her feet here, at the base of the spine.  Surrender to Her perfect timing.

Bring the hands to the kidneys. Tune into this quality of discrimination, discernment. The capacity to discern between that which is needed and that which is not. The kidneys have mastery in this filtration process. There’s no need to look further for guidance and advice. Acknowledge that that which is transported further as nutrition and that which is discarded and not needed, as well as the capacity of discernment is all Her.

Bring your hands together in front of your body. Let the thumbs meet at the navel and let the pointer fingers point downwards meeting each other. Your hands form a triangle, a symbol of Her, of mother and the great source of all creation that your body is made of.

Take a moment to rest here.