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n1315663613_30253425_3086I arrived home in hot hot California last night, leaving a cold and rainy Norway behind.

What a deep and fun trip it has been.

I just want to send my gratitude for all the awakening women who I met this time.

You touch me so deeply.

When I sit in our gatherings it never stops amazing me what a deeply healing space we create together,  a space where we all can show up and shine! Some times in the beginning of the meeting one can feel some insecurety in the room, som mistrust. It is not so strange when we look back at the way we have been with each other and the way we have been with our ow feminine essence.

It only takes a short time, everytime, and we melt and open, and the tears come, and then we laugh.

And I look around, into hundreds of  glowing eyes, and I feel at home.

In your love, I am always home.

Thank you,