Grief Ritual


Items you need:

~ Two bowls
~ A pitcher with water
~ A spoon / ladle
~ A candle

Set up an area for your pitcher of water, spoon and two bowls placed side by side.
One bowl is to collect grief, the other to collect prayers.
Light your candle.


Guided by Melina Seeto


Written description:

Place your hands over your heart
and take some time to soften into the heart space.
Breathe into the heart, with each breath
dropping inside.

Take your pitcher and pour the water
into the grief bowl, filling it up;
pour water into the prayer bowl,
only filling it half way.

Turn to the prayer bowl and whisper into the water
blessings, love, prayers for your family,
friends and loved ones, for the animals
and all sentient beings.
If you are familiar with the Gayatri or Gaia Mandala Mantra,
or any other sacred sounds,
you can chant them into the water.

Once you’ve finished your prayers,
take some time to call upon grief.

Be gentle with yourself, take your time.
Breathe and give space to whatever arises.

It can be helpful to speak the grief aloud.
For example: I grieve the loss of touch.
I grieve not being able to
see my family. I grieve my youth.  

For each of your grievances,
take your spoon and scoop water from your grief bowl
and pour it into the prayer bowl,
as if you are pouring your grief into the prayers
to be alchemized in love.

Follow your own flow with this process.
Perhaps you will grieve for ten minutes for one thing
or one minute for something else.

Continue until there is no water left in the grief bowl. 

Complete by taking your prayer bowl and offering the water
somewhere in nature or to a houseplant. You can,
if you choose, keep some of the water for future ceremonies. 

Music suggestion:
El-Hadra ~ Klaus Wiese, Mathias Grassow and Ted DeJong