Grounding Practice

Guest post by Carina-Maria Caur

In these times, it can sometimes feel like an electric current is running through our bodies, carrying the frequency of stress, panic, fear, frozenness and confusion as we move through our days in this global crisis of COVID-19. As sensitive women, our bodies are attuned to the collective, to Earth. How can we stay grounded in the face of chaos, while it seems all is falling apart? 

Here is a grounding practice I do that has been an anchor for me through life, a way to stabilize my body and open to receive the infinite resources of Earth. This practice is the opening ritual to Lifedancing, a modality of dance I developed where we dance through all of the body with inspiration from the elements earth, fire, water and air. This grounding practice opens a flow of energy through the body and allows our blood to better circulate, supporting our immune system.

If you can, do this practice standing up. Let your body shake as you are guided to move your awareness, breath and movement into different body parts. 

In the beginning of the grounding, we practice to surrender into Earth. As we give into the force of gravity, we connect with the solid, stable presence of Earth, always receiving us, holding and carrying us. As we ground into our feet, we deepen our roots into Earth. 

May this grounding practice support you into deeper presence and trust: of your body, of the earth and of life itself.



  • Give yourself enough time to complete the practice in a spacious way. Below is an 11-minute audio of Carina-Maria guiding you through the Grounding Practice.

​Carina-Maria is a Lifedancing teacher and a space holder for many dance floors in Europe. She is crazy in love with conscious dance and committed to making the world move a little bit more freely. Voice work and meditative singing are also her passions. In her everyday life, she cares for two children, two stepchildren, three step-grandchildren and the elder in her family.

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