Harmonizing Energy Flow
(from Jin Shin Jyutsu®)

by Karen McGinn

I was first introduced to this practice while receiving a Jin Shin Jyutsu session (like acupuncture without needles) several years ago before taking my first trip to India. I traveled from Northwest U.S. to the U.K. and then India, so my internal clock was really out of sync.

While this practice can balance out the effects of jet lag, these days I am using it as an “anytime-anywhere” tool to calm my system when I’m feeling frazzled or stuck in fear or worry. Sometimes at night while lying in bed I will be drawn to practice as a simple release of the day.

This very simple tool can be experienced whenever you have several minutes and your hands are free. With gentle finger and hand contact, you will harmonize the meridians throughout your body and balance any emotional patterns.

And the next time you are on a flight, you might want to give this a try! You can begin this practice the morning of your trip, while at the airport, up in the air and during any layovers. Repeat the whole sequence (left hand and right hand) every waking hour while traveling or as often as you remember. Notice if you feel a smoother transition into your new time zone.


  • Basically you will be doing simple finger holds and then touching the center of your palm. As you rest at each of the six points, you will add relaxed breaths.
  • Start by taking your right fingers and thumb and wrapping them gently around your left thumb. Hold with light pressure so that you feel the connection. Take three deep breaths fully inhaling and exhaling. Then continue holding each finger in the same way for three deep breaths. Complete the left side by gently placing the tips of your right fingers at the center of your left palm and again take relaxed breaths.
  • Repeat this same cycle with the other hand. Begin holding the right thumb and continue with all the fingers on the left hand. End by gently placing your left fingertips to the center of the right palm and breathing in a relaxed way for three breaths.
  • It is fine to hold for more than three breaths. When I was traveling to India, I forgot the directions and held my fingers for three minutes instead of three breaths, so I received a little extra harmonizing! You might even start to feel your pulse as you do the finger holds and that is okay.

May this little practice serve as a gentle support for your body and mind.


​Karen serves as the Event Coordinator and assists with many projects as a member of the Awakening Women team. She handles many details while also offering attention and care to the many women who find their way to the yogini practices. She is committed to living a life that has space for the blessings and challenges of this holy human experience. AwakeningWomen.com

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