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Hear blessings Dropping their blossoms around you

n695920388_5780777_8379Summer time in Norway, a passionate explosion of beauty, all around me. God is right in my face, teasing me further into her. Sweet family time and the sun is hot for once. Time is slowing down, the cell phone is silent. It is vacation time.

In Norway the whole country is slowing down, in July many of the public offices are closed and the cities are emptying out. I can feel how my body resonates with this slower rhythm, how healthy it is to sometimes just stop. And you realize that the world is not going under just because you are not available 24/7.

Some thing else is in charge, someone who is a much better driver. The same creative force who created the hot pink roses.

Hear blessings
Dropping their blossoms
around you.

I am enjoying the grass tickeling my toes, the soft warm wind on my skin, the energetic playfullness of my teenage boys and the spark in my lovers eyes when he look at me. Summer vacation.

In Love