You are a Holy Compost Pile at the Edge of Evolution

The new world grows out of this fertile brew made of our outgrown clothes, our errors and awakenings, our dreams and prayers, and the luminous horizon we sense there—in the pause between the breath, in the gap between thoughts, in the softening of the heart. You are a holy compost pile at the very edge of evolution.

Brewing on this edge is an alive intelligence beyond anything you can grasp with thoughts and concepts. In your willingness to hang out in the pregnant-unknown, you become the poet, the artist, the mother birthing her holy medicine into our world.

The thought you never have thought before …
The possibility you have never seen …
The song you have not yet heard …

It is uncomfortable to stay in the not knowing. We want so quickly to fill the void, eagerly grasping for the solutions dangling within immediate reach. Like a radio receiver with shortcut buttons to our favorite programs—even if the sounds torture us, distract us and zap our energy—we stubbornly tune into the familiar stations of consciousness, insisting that that’s all there is.

Tune into the subtler frequencies: the shadows dancing; the harmonies in music and rain; the silent sounds; the open spaces; the throbbing rhythms of growth; the open landscapes within that only poetry can take you to.

Tune into Radio Leela, the frequency of Divine Play and infinite possibilities. Our Goddess of creativity—Saraswati Ma—is the DJ here, and rumor has it that She is playing your song.

With Love,


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Photo Credit:: © Awakening Women