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Being Indian, the word yogini is not unfamiliar. A yogini for me is a woman who burns with the fire of her practice, who is uncompromising...

Guest blog by Sukhvinder Sircar

Dear Chameli,

Thank you for joining us to the word ‘Yogini’. Thank you for connecting us to something so huge, powerful, beautiful and divine. We are women who each in her own way is practicing her faith ~ whatever it may be. We’ve been doing it for years and years.

Being Indian, the word yogini is not unfamiliar. But I would not have used it or rather dared to use it. I’m comfortable with the word ‘sadhika’ ~ which means a woman who practices her sadhana. But it does not have the fire power of the word yogini.

A yogini for me is a woman who burns with the fire of her practice, who is uncompromising with her soul-work, who continually lives on the edge of her consciousness ~ forever aware and awake. Tinge of madness, dollops of compassion, mirth and joy. She’s forever tapping into mysteries. She’s loved and feared at the same time. She’s her own guru. It’s good to know that there’s a word that fits all this.

On the days I forget I’m a yogini, the very word has the power to bring me back to myself. The more I am willing to meet my yogini self, the more closer to home I feel. Yogini ~ is a very big word. It is for the holder of the fire of truth and the power of love.

Sukhvinder Sircar is an accredited group process facilitator and has a deep understanding of human behaviour, as well as the knowledge & wisdom to take people on the journey from human to divine. Her ‘Joyous Woman!’ workshops are hugely popular and transformational. Through these workshops, she facilitates women to come back to their true, joyous and divine selves in a powerful way.

Photo Credit: Bibbie Friman