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I am cleansing!

For the last months my body has been in cleansing mode. It is an amazing journey to be participating in.

For a long time it just felt so easy, then I hit some days when I was attacked by craving, cravings for all kinds of things. Foods I don’t even like very much. I was just one big craving!

Then back to balance for a while. Then it was the sleep that went crazy. I could only sleep around two hours a night, and I tell you I am the last person who normally would have trouble sleeping. Now it has settled on about 6 hours a night, and I feel energized (but not as hyper) and great.

The main part of my cleanse is green smoothies, this is a remarkable food, so cleansing and at the same time deeply nutritious and up-building. I will write a separate blogpost about the green smoothie in few days, if you are interested to learn more.

The last weeks I have also been doing an herbal internal cleanse, which really goes in to the depths to remove old toxins. I could feel the effect from day one. I have tried and investigated many different cleanses and the one I like the best is Ejuva Intestinal Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program. It takes longer time and it cost more then most cleanses around, but in my experience the quality and the rewards are invaluable.

I will keep you posted about my process, and share lots of helpful cleansing tips with you.

If you feel inspired, join me for the full cleanse, we can support each other! Or maybe you just want to introduce some more greens and rejuvenating foods into you diet. I  any way, stay tune!

For more information about the Ejuva cleanse go to Sunfood Nutrition, a wonderful site with the best nutrition products. (click one health/beauty, then on detox/cleanse in the drop down menu)

In deep letting go,