Inner Devi Yoga


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It is is best to do this practice
sitting comfortably with your spine erect
or lying down on your back.
You will first be guided
through a mantra practice for melting energetic knots
in your body, and for awakening the Shakti
of Parvati within you.

The mantra we use is:


This is the Bija (seed) mantra of the goddess.
It is the feminine equivalent to the mantra OM.

First we chant it 3 times, then you are invited to continue
with the mantra in your own way and your own tempo.
Focusing on the vibrations of the sound in your body,
you will guide the mantra
down into the pelvis and up into the chest.

From here, the mantra spreads out in front of your heart,
where you will visualize Parvati taking form.
You will then be invited to dialogue with Her.

Although I guide the meditation as if she appears as a
female figure before you,
she may instead appear to you as a color,
animal, feeling or mood.

Trust the way she takes form for you;
it may be different than you expect.