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It happens to all of us

It happens to all of us, no matter how good our intentions, we all make mistakes. 

Harsh words slip out of our mouths; we close down and shut off,
repeating the reactions and patterns we’ve tried so hard to change.
We slip out of integrity, treating ourselves and others in hurtful ways.

It is horrifying when it dawns on us: the ways we have hurt a friend or partner, someone we love so dearly. The ways we have viewed some humans as lesser and idolized others, feeding the toxic compartmentalization of humanity and Earth, being good girls for the patriarchy and white supremacy.

That lie we made, way back—how it keeps nagging at us; how we know we have been avoiding picking up the phone to say sorry, or even just hello; how we have allowed the Lord of Busy to make the rules. How could we? Again?

We want to curl up, run far away, put the paper bag of shame over our heads and hide from the world. We resist and avoid the devastation and humiliation, the intense Shakti in facing parts of ourselves that do not fit into our perfect image of who we think we should be.

It happens to all of us: every single human being makes mistakes.
Your freedom is in what you do with the mistakes when they happen; how you hold your broken self; how willing you are to feel through the layers—all of them— to forgive yourself for your ignorance, to recommit to awakening, and to return to integrity and alignment with your heart.

The Living Goddess is the healing potential throbbing at the center of our stubbornness. She kisses the dense, unyielding knot lodged in our throat, the collapse in our solar plexus, the cramping in our chest, and whispers. Forgive yourself. You are forgiven.


And the Great Mother said:

Come and give me all that you are.
I am not afraid of your strength and darkness,
of your fear and pain.

Give me your tears.
They will be my rushing rivers and roaring oceans.

Give me your rage.
It will erupt into my molten volcanoes and rolling thunder.

Give me your tired spirit.
I will lay it to rest in my soft meadows.

Give me your hopes and dreams.
I will plant a field of sunflowers and arch rainbows in the sky.

You are not too much for me.

My arms and heart welcome your true fullness.
There is room in my world for all of you,
all that you are.

I will cradle you in the boughs of my ancient redwoods
and the valleys of my gentle rolling hills.
My soft winds will sing you lullabies
and soothe your burdened heart.

 Release your deep pain.
You are not alone and you have never been alone.

~ Linda Reuther


Self-forgiveness does not mean you don’t take responsibility
for the mistakes and harm you have caused; on the contrary. Forgiveness gives you clarity and strength to know and do the right thing.

When you forgive, there is a space opening within you, that allows you to respond more intelligently to the present moment.

It is a yoga. Instead of going around in circles for years, prolonging the unbearable pain with your foot on the brakes and gas at the same time, you courageously face the shame and guilt. You feel it as energy in your body, fully, so that the same energy trapped in self-flagellation can flow and feed your commitment to awaken, to act, and to restore your life to integrity.


With deep love