In the Women’s Wisdom School we meet with our anti-racism educator Humaira Falkenberg every month,
to root all our beautiful intentions of love and light into tangible embodied honesty,
humility and compassion-in-action.

In this safe and brave space, our Black, Indigenous, Asian and sisters of color can share how it is to
navigate spaces where whiteness is the “norm”, where sisters “love” eastern spirituality and claim to be
committed to enlightenment—yet tend to put our heels down as soon as we are confronted with not
only the ways we may be ignorant, but how this ignorance also causes actual harm. It is also a space for
our white sisters to be held in honesty, accountability and compassion as we unravel the indoctrination
and unconscious bias that we are marinated in.

We evolve and engage from a place of learning; as students we collectively grow by not living in the shadow
of spiritual concepts, but rather by centering on justice, equity and inclusion to the core of our awakening.
While we aim for growth, we often fail. The work is uncomfortable but as beloved sisters sit in circle,
we lean into courageousness, together.

At the end of each gathering, Humaira chants Arati to Mukta Devi, the Goddess of Liberation,
reminding us that this is spiritual work, that the Divine Mother we love so deeply, cares and loves for
us all so very much. And that she calls upon us to be instruments for her, insisting that we are capable
to do the deep healing work needed to make that real.

The murder of six Asian women in the U.S. on March 16 has opened a long overdue public dialogue
about systemic anti-Asian racism, historic silencing and erasure of Asian voices, and the objectification of Asian women.

In the Women’s Wisdom School, Humaira held space for us earlier this week to learn more about the
racism and violence towards people from Asia and those of Asian descent. First, Asians are
not monolithic—Asians include the diasporas of the world’s largest populations like
China, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Pacific Islanders, Tibet to name just a few.

The recent events were placed in the historical context of systemic anti-Asian racism not only in the U.S. but also in Europe.
Did you know that between June and September 2020 there was a 93% increase of harassment and violence
towards Asian people compared to the previous year in the U.K.? 

Anti-racism work is core to Divine Mother sadhana. Just as we, in our embodied spiritual practice,
discover and are able to liberate energy that is frozen in oppressive identity patterns inherited from
our family system, anti-racism work takes us one step further. Here we discover how our life force energy
is also frozen in collective systems of oppression. Without justice for all, we cannot have liberation.

Please join us in solidarity for ending anti-Asian racism; may our practice grow real roots that can nourish ALL beings.

We have gathered some resources for you here:

:: For our Asian sisters, and anyone experiencing tension and fear in these challenging times,
here is a nervous system regulating breathing practice guided by Melina.

:: Here is helpful guidance on how to be an ally, and places one may make donations.

:: You will find a comprehensive list of Anti-Asian Violence Resources here.

:: In this Youtube video, Eugene opens a conversation about the complex, often untold story
of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face and he gives suggestions of how you can help.

:: Here is another resource on how to be an AAPI ally and combat anti-racism.

Here’s to liberation, for all,
Chameli & the Awakening Women Team