Kali Alchemy: Resting into a Deeper Power


Press the full screen icon at the lower right corner of the screen and turn the volume up high.


The first step is to relax into anger.

Relax and open the body; let your awareness

drop down and inside the body.

Begin to make soft growling sounds, and use

the vibration of the sounds to open and relax you

even more. Do not use force.

Let the emotions and sounds become a bit stronger

while you internally search for openings in your

inner space. Keep waiting for the bigger wave of energy.


The second step is to let all movements and sounds

“pull back” like a wave before a tsunami.

At this point it may feel like nothing is happening,

but stay present. Wait for a deeper wave of energy rising

from within. When you feel it, give it full expression.


The third step is to stay present with the energy

after it is expressed and follow it back again as

it returns to its source.