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Kali Mantra Short Demo


Kali Mantra

Om kreem kalika-yai namaha
(I bow my head to Mother Kali, Destroyer of Illusion)

The mantra is the vibration of the Devi/Goddess.
When you chant her mantra,
the basic structure of your sense of self realigns with her vibration;
her wisdom is awakened in you.

Sit with your upper body erect; use as much support as you need.

Let the spine be soft and flexible, allowing for any swaying, or shaking, or other movements that body might want to do.
These movements are simply signs that your system is stretching and adjusting for more Shakti, vital life force, to flow through.
Breathe and allow.

If you have a mala (prayer beads), repeat the mantra 108 times;
otherwise chant it for about 4 minutes.

Afterwards, sit, or lay down, and rest.

Notice the quality of your inner awareness.