Kali’s Blue Flame


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Kali’s Blue Flame

In this meditation, we will offer the old habits–all the old clothes–into Kali’s Blue Flame in the center of the chest.  Afterwards, we will do a Devi Yoga practice, meeting and dialoguing with Kali Ma as She takes form in front of us.  Remember to stay curious and trust exactly how She shows up for you.


(for those who prefer written instructions to the audio)

Phase 1: Offering to Kali’s Blue Flame

Connect with your breath. No need to control or change the breath—simply rest in the rhythm that is already here.

Allow your awareness to trickle down inside the body like honey, filling the body from the inside. . This is a different practice than witnessing the body; here we enter inside the body with our awareness.

Surrender into this downward pull of gravity, all the way down into the pelvis. Feel the pelvic bowl from the inside out. Feel the touch of the breath inside the pelvic area—in the front, sides, back, and in the pelvic floor.

Bring your awareness to the center of the pelvis in the womb area. Feel the womb area as a portal into the central channel, into a very fine channel of energy in the center of your torso, and with your awareness, enter the womb area.

Begin to rise upwards with your awareness into the center of your torso—stay inside the body. Rise upwards all the way into the center of your chest, into the heart area. You may notice that although your awareness rests deep inside the body, when we enter the central channel, it is as if we are entering an opening, a spaciousness found within the density of matter. Here we enter the subtle body.

Inside the heart that we call the “heart lotus” in Inner Yoga, we find vast space. Take a moment to allow for that expansiveness to blossom open like a lotus. Within the heart space, connect with Kali’s blue flame in the heart.

This is the blue flame of transformation. It may be easy for you to visualize this flickering flame in the heart, or perhaps it’s just a felt sensation as your awareness fills this area of your body. No matter how this flame expresses itself—whether a visual image or somatic experience—the source of the images and experiences is where we are heading. Kali’s blue flame symbolizes these transformational processes that are constantly composting this world into new worlds, into new worlds, into new worlds…

Bring into your awareness an area of your life you feel you have outgrown, that feels too small for you, that you feel trapped in, that you feel done with. Look for an area of your life where your consciousness has already evolved beyond it, and yet there is a momentum, a structure already built that may be hard to entangle from. This can be thought patterns, relationship patterns, judgments, habits of criticism; it can be ways you see yourself shrink or ways you leave yourself, where you step out of integrity.

Take a moment to bring one of these areas into your awareness right now. Instead of pushing it away, offer it to Kali’s fire. On the in breath, let the habits—these old clothes—ride on the in breath into the blue flame of the heart. Make an offering to the flame, to Kali—“This is what I have, I offer it to you.” As you offer this frozen habitual response into the fire, the fire becomes stronger; the fire of your life energy and creativity becomes stronger. With each aspect you offer into the fire, you feed Kali.

Keep breathing in all the unwanted, offering it all to Her, to Her fire of transformation.

As you make your offerings, you may notice that some of the offerings don’t burn so well—they feel sticky, or maybe you feel that Kali is rejecting your offerings, telling you they are not ready to burn. Just be curious towards what arises.

Bring your last offering to the fire, knowing you can always come back to the fire if there is more to give.


Phase 2: Devi Yoga

Now bring all your awareness into the center of the heart, into the sensations here now. With your breath, fan the flame even stronger. Make the heat of the flame fill your entire chest.

Let Kali’s blue flame of transformation fill the entire heart and begin to spread out in the space in front of your body, in your energy field outside the physical body. Let this blue heat begin to take form in front of you. In your mind’s eye, begin to see Kali taking form in front of you.

Be open to how she appears. She may appear as a female figure, as an animal, a color, sense or feeling, scent—open yourself and see how Kali Ma shows up for you right now.

What does she look like?
What expression is in her face, in her eyes?

Find a way to greet her. This is your chance to speak to her—share with her about your offerings. Thank her for receiving them, and perhaps you would like to ask if there were some offerings she rejected…ask her why.

After you have shared, it is your turn to receive—take a deep breath, and see if there is any response from Kali.

After you listen for a while, speak to her again. You can tell Her all your secrets—there is no need to hide, She knows it all. You can ask Her anything.

When you are complete with this, it is your turn to receive again. Take a deep breath and open yourself; listen to what She shares with you.

Move back and forth like this at your own tempo for a while, speaking and listening.

Then complete your meeting, finding a way to thank Her.

On the in breath, breathe in Her energy, Her qualities. On the out breath, merge into Her. Do this until the boundaries between the two of you dissolve and you are one.

On your next in breath, breathe in all images and let them dissolve back into space, into the source of all images. Take a moment to notice the quality inside you, the atmosphere. Breathe and give space to whatever is here for you.

Complete this practice with 3 long Kreem’s: