Shakti Awakening Practice (Video)

This is a practice that will support you in tuning into and awakening Shakti in your physical and subtle body. The video contains the instruction to the practice, once you have learned it you can do it on your own, spending a shorter or longer time with the free movement part, using any music you like.

Begin with a short Goddess rinse and then move into the Shakti Awakening Practice.

The Goddess Rinse
Sit or stand. Let the breath move deeper down into the body.
Put your hands on the top of your head.
Slowly begin to stroke down your head, face, neck, and down your body. Spend some extra time massaging the breasts.
Gently stroke your body, all the way to the feet.
Hang down, bent over from the waist for a few breaths.
Allow your upper body and head to become loose and heavy.
Then move up the legs again, to the lower back and kidneys.
Let the hands come to a rest on the belly and the heart.

After the practice, sit or lay down and rest. Ride on the energy to the inside of the inside.