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Lakshmi Self Study ~ 21 Day Sadhana



~ Live your Dharma in Abundance, Beauty & Integrity

Self study version.  Start any time.

Who provides for you?
Who is holding you?
Who feeds you, breathes you?
Who moves you?


While we are busy worrying, and chasing, resisting and pulling,
there is a river of evolution, a current of tremendous creativity,
pure life energy available to us.

There is an abundance here, in this very moment
in this very experience…
are you paying attention?







Sri Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance, beauty and wealth,
She is the one who removes any idea of separation
between our spirituality and our so-called ordinary life.
She busts through our limiting believes and unconscious loyalty to lack,
and shows us how we can live the infinite abundance of our spiritual awakening
in an embodied and practical way;
how we can put our unique mark of beauty onto the world.

Lakshmi’s realm is the reality beyond your limiting beliefs.
Sister, She is calling for you to drop the outgrown clothes, 
the outdated clothes, the borrowed clothes.
She yearns for you to come with Her and play for real.

In our 21 days of Lakshmi practice, we will use her four arms as our map:
Dharma (right living), Artha (genuine wealth),
Kama (sensuality, desire, love) and Moksha (ultimate liberation).

Lakshmi’s four arms — all being the body of the Goddess —
gives us a powerful blueprint of how our material life,
relationships and our longing to contribute
are not in any way separate from our enlightenment.

Dharma (right living):
Your Dharma is the unique vibration of you
fully expressed in the infinite matrix of life.
The longing to show up and to contribute with who we are
is shared by all of life. Look at the flowers, the animals, look at children;
everybody wants to take part, with all we got.
So why do we make it so personal?
Why do we make it about “being good enough”,
or the “right moment”, or “getting it”?

Lakshmi gives you powerful keys of how to connect with and to fully step into your dharma.
Your dharma is unique yet much bigger than the personal. Dharma is Shakti —
pure creativity — unleashed, and once aligned with our dharma,
we instantly find fulfillment independent of the outcome or the form it takes.

Artha (genuine wealth):
Lakshmi symbolizes the feminine view of wealth, a holistic wealth.
She is known to have 108 names, each for a different aspect of the fortune available to us.
Here are just a few meanings of her many names:
stepping out of poverty, playful eyes, joy of financial freedom,
the spark of life in children as they grow, contentment and health.

Artha is the resources and means you need to live your Dharma.
This can include money, home, skills, support and physical and emotional health.

In Lakshmi Sadhana, you connect with
a more spacious and abundant dimension of yourself —
your own luminous presence — and your source of motivation
for everything you do in life changes from one of lack to one of overflow.

Lakshmi radically expands our vision of
how abundantly we can live, give and receive.

Kama (sensuality, desire, love):

We all know how we can get lost in obsession,
in addiction, in endless craving and neediness.
Yes, desire, left to the unconscious,
can lead you to all those places and more.

But the very same desire, rooted in your Dharma,
is your Amrita, the very elixir of life.
Dare to desire to give your gifts, desire a better world,
desire to live as love, to create beauty which will feed us all for real.

As a serious spiritual practitioner you may think that beauty, pleasure and sensuality
are somehow optional and even frivolous luxuries, “if there is time”.
In Feminine Embodiment Practices, we use pleasure as a pathway to Presence.
Our senses open us, tickle us, nourish us. Music, colors, tastes, art, poetry and beauty
bring us into alignment with the essential nature of who we are.

Moksha (ultimate liberation):
Lakshmi mirrors to us a radically inclusive and embodied spirituality.
The fruit of sadhana is the realization of Moksha/freedom
in the very essence of all our experiences.

The realization of Moksha is not a process in time,
it is neither an awesome experience you once had nor a goal to reach later.
It is not found in the rejection of the human or the so called “ordinary life”.
Moksha is your luminous presence, always right here,
in the moment, fresh and impossible to grasp and explain with the mind.
You can only be it, in moment-to-moment open surrender.

Claim your seat in the Yogini circle,
a profound path of spiritual awakening.
Embodied awakening. The feminine way.


Photo: Bibbie Friman


What is Shakti Sadhana?

Sadhana means spiritual practice
Shakti is a name for the creative life force of the universe

Shakti Sadhana is to live awake to She who breathes you through it all.
It is to consciously engage with both your inner and outer life,
your darkness and your light, seeing them essentially as
an unfathomable wholeness you are made of.

In the sadhana immersions we explore ancient Shakti Practices in modern form
+ Goddess Mythology: powerful guides of embodied awakening.

Shakti Sadhana is not a seclusive spiritual practice,
it is a path that permeates every aspect of our lives,
melting the harsh walls of dualism.

The Yogini circle
 is a circle of conscious women coming together with a shared intention
of embodied awakening, which creates a garland of grace weaving through the world.
Our online 21 day sadhana immersions usually draw more than 500 women from all over the planet.
We all contribute in co-creating a powerful field of Shakti,
which again provides each one of us with a powerful transmission of awakening.

Welcome to your seat in the Yogini circle,
a feminine path of spiritual awakening.

What will I learn in a 21 Day Sadhana?

The effect of the feminine embodiment practices can only be known
through direct experience, it can never fully be described in words,
but here are some pointers:

The practices direct you

:: towards a radical wholeness.

:: towards your deepest commitment, you become a bride of truth.

:: towards a relaxed power.

:: towards a reverence for the pulse of life in your body and in all beings.

:: to a deep place of home which never leaves you no matter how turbulent life shows up.

The practices become your allies in your longing to live as
an embodied instrument of awakening in the world.
For real.




Being invited into the sacred circle where
hundreds of awakening women held a seat for me was deeply moving.
I was welcomed with open arms, and drank from the elixir of sisterhood’s love and beauty.
This connection infused my practice of exquisite self care with grace and inspiration.
Chameli is a vibrant flower with a sweet aroma that fills me with happiness…
her voice, wisdom, presence is pure nectar.

Shakaya Leone, Author of Naked Beauty


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for this fantastic Sadhana immersion.
I love the depth, the clarity and the simplicity in all the practices.
Sometimes I read your daily mails at work and soft tears are flowing.
I am grateful beyond words.

Anita Wiger, Goddess Stylis



These weeks of the online Goddess Sadhana
have been a sweet returning home for me!

I was warmly welcomed in the timeless circle of yoginis-
and I was introduced into the deep knowledge of being love-
it is stored in every single cell of my body now.
Wherever I am, whenever I long for it,
I can reconnect to this global circle of dedicated women.

Thank you, Chameli, for the beauty and the sacredness
you bring into my life and our lives! I bow to you all.
Uli Feichtinger,





How does it work?

The day after you pay, your Sadhana will begin.
Once a day you will receive a short e-mail with a new practice, or a poem,
that will inspire you and keep you on track.
3 of the emails will be a recording of a teleretreat with Chameli & the global Yogini circle.

Will I have the time to do sadhana in the midst of a busy life?

You participate as much as possible for you. To do some practice is better than no practice,
and many of the practices are done in the midst of your life as it is for you.
Once you enter the Sadhana, you enter a mandala of Shakti, of transformation.
The practices and teachings will, independent of how much you “do”, unfold in unexpected ways.


Who is it for?

We will go deep. We meet in a shared dedication to living awake.
If you feel called, a sense of YES inside…then claim your seat in the circle.

You don’t need to have any previous experience with these teachings.
Our focus in the feminine embodiment practice is on direct experience,
YOUR experience is the authority. Always.



It has been amazing to feel at home
and participate in a course of such depth and support.
The daily practices are truly inspiring, the talks from Chameli
powerful and directly speaking to me.  I bow to you all… and I want more!
Devika Fossen, Massage Therapist,



This precious month of intensive practice has changed me. I experienced every action,
movement, meeting, breath, meal, thought, interaction….. as a practice. What a relief,
what a bliss! All of me, my being and doing became a practice in total devotion to the Goddess.
I am one with the practice. I embodied the practice. It just is, I am no longer separated from it.
The teleclasses and the massive loving and beautiful supportive energy from Chameli
and all of the divine sisterhood has made a tremendous difference
Catarina Olvenmark, Business Consultant and Coach


BarbaraThe 21 day Sadhana immersion was a dream come true for me.
To feel held as I learned to hold me. To feel listened to as I learned to listen to me.
And to be lead, by the voice and inspired words of Chameli,
as well as the shared writings of my wise sisters,
as I learn to lead myself ~ from within.

I have been softly kissed by the Goddess. She is real and presides in this circle.
I am home again.
Barbara Heile, Artist,





What is included?

:: Daily practices and/or short awakening poems into your e-mail box

:: 3 Tele Retreat recordings (listen on the web or download MP3)

:: Access to an online Yogini Circle* where you can connect with women from all over the world, practicing like you.
Here you can share about your journey and connect with other women devoted to awakening and truth.
This is a cherished online sanctuary, which will be there for you also after the 21 days are over.
*A private Facebook Group

How do I join?

:: Pay by clicking the button below.

If you do not receive one of your daily emails, please check your
folder as sometimes they inadvertently end up there.
(If you have Gmail, 
check the promotions tab.)

If you need support, contact us here:

What do I contribute?





Welcome to a powerful journey!

With Love, Always

Chameli & The Awakening Women Team






More reviews from the global Yogini circle:


Joos5Now, right after finishing my Sadhana on Lalita Devi with Chameli, I feel so present as me, in the fullness of love. Savoring every moment, cherishing every encounter. I am here on our precious earth, celebrating life, I feel so blessed by Chameli’s wisdom and soft, feminine energy. The sadhana was for me the fastest road to heaven on earth.
Joos Bouwmeester


IMG_0247(1)I’m forever grateful for the circle of women around the world who have shared this experience of sisterhood through the vehicle of Awakening Women’s Institute. It’s as if my soul has been longing for this, craving this circle, this connection to a deeper part of myself. I’ve long lived in this experience of being a woman, not really feeling very connected to the feminine in it’s fierce form. It’s been a beautiful journey, through 3 of the 21 day virtual retreats, this last experience = the Inanna Sadhana decent and return. INCREDIBLE! I bow to the circle, and to all women who are in this virtual circle and to all women everywhere.
Janis M Desmond


image001My 21 Day Journey into the world of sisterhood, has left me full for the first time in my life.  I am immersed in love and support, and contained by the teachings.   The beauty of the poetry, writing, sharing, and images, resonates so deeply inside me, and carries me along on my soul’s journey.  I have learned to allow instead of force, to receive instead of push, to love instead of fear.   I am eternally grateful.  I have joined this sisterhood as a lifetime member.  Chameli is a gift to the world.
Karen Davis, Homeopath, Psychotherapist
Brunswick, Maine

Marianne bilde Medium Web viewBeing mostly in favor of the masculine and the masculine consciousness, I have at last fallen in love with Her. Fallen in love with the feminine. I have heard the call of the goddess and returned home. Cut my strings to the sky gods and walk free on the ground seeing the world with new eyes. This experience with all of my beautiful sisters of this magical circle has landed me into peace with all women including myself. My gratefulness is beyond words. Thank you Chameli for your Bodylove, your Soulpresence, and your Spiritual being, and for pouring it out on all of us.

Marianne Evina


headshotI’d like to share the most beautiful experience that I lived in my all life. My sitting in this Sadhana has produced a big transformation in my perception of the meaning of life and of myself, as woman. I have rediscovered the real meaning of being a woman and of the real power of Love. Now I know that never, never, will I be alone anymore. I have touched the Love and the Strength of the Feminine. Deep Bow. Paola Migliaccio. Counselor – Sostegno e Orientamento alla Persona.



Being with Chameli, even over the phone, is like being with a deeper, realer, more loving part of myself.  She speaks to my whole being, and I feel what she is  saying in my body, not my mind.  I couldn’t have said what I thought I would get from the Inanna sadhana . . . I was just drawn to it somehow.  And I’m not sure I can say what I got . . . in any way that my mind understands . . . things are deeper, slower, richer, fuller . . . Without saying anything about the mind, or making it wrong in any way, she just slips right by it in a gentle but purposeful way, and speaks directly to ME.  I think Chameli is the most authentic, embodied presence I have ever experienced – humble, but fully aware of and owning her power and the possibilities inherent in every moment.  Wow.

Amy Wallace, Author of Fear of Death:  Its about life, Actually, Let’s Talk about it,


ShianaI honor Awakening Women Institute, and the practices that are shared within. It is a rooted way of being that honors the life we are experiencing right here, right now. Rather than being a Guru/Devotee relationship, it is the awakened way for a woman to explore all possibilities, especially what is true in the moment. By participating in this program, I have increased my appreciation of the beauty around me, including appreciation of my inimitable self. I am learning and recognizing that we are mirrors of each other in our experiences, I am learning I am not alone! In this process, I have stepped into ways of moving beyond judgment, comparison or blame. This emotional support and nurturing, has created the opportunity to make friends from around the globe, and as sisters, we are awakening to a more wholesome way of being. It is vitally our time to do so.  

 Shiana Seitz