Lalita Devi Inner Yoga Practice

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The word “mantra” comes from two Sanskrit words: “manas”, meaning mind, and “trai”, meaning to “free”. In the literal sense then, mantra means to free your mind.

In this guided inner yoga practice, we will practice with Lalita Devi’s bija mantra (root mantra) HREEM. Each letter represents the different stages of manifestation, from the formless to the subtle to the physical, and all these stages together are the Goddess. Chanting this mantra will align you with Lalita Devi Shakti, a primordial creativity and the power to manifest the vision of your heart.

In the practice, you will be invited to place the mantra HREEM inside the pelvis, heart and head. Instead of visualizing or witnessing these areas of your body, ride on the sound to the inside of your body. Feel the physical sensation as the sound vibrates inside the body. Follow the sound even deeper than the body into the subtle vibration of Self awareness inside the body, and even deeper; into the Field of Consciousness permeating all.

You will need a place to sit undisturbed for approximately 24 minutes. 
If you have time, do the Goddess rinse and/or the Kundalini Awakening Dance first.

Begin with finding a comfortable position, and settle your awareness inside. In this guided practice, we begin chanting HREEM 3 times long, and then 108 times short. After that you will continue chanting the mantra in your own way throughout the practice, until you are guided to let the mantra fall silent. After the practice, sit or lay down and rest.