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The Temple Manual

Here you will find a list of women’s groups which are inspired by the Awakening Women work and the Temple Manual. Here are the guidelines for listing in our Temple Network: 

  • We prefer that you have participated in at least one Awakening Women event/course.
  • You’ve read the manual “Create Your Own Women’s Temple Group”.
  • Your group will follow the intention of the manual (of course with your own unique flavor).

To get listed, please download the following two documents. Fill out the questionnaire and send it by e-mail (yoginiteam at awakeningwomen dot com) back to us.

1) Temple Group Listing Guidelines (download)
2) Temple Group Questionnaire (download)

Some of the groups are led by graduates of the Awakening Women trainings, and this is written next to the group. Awakening Women Institute celebrates and supports women in starting their own groups, however, we are not in the position to officially endorse any of the groups listed here.

Another note:
What you name your temple group is up to you. All we request is that you use something other than Awakening Women, as that is a registered trademark. Thank you for your understanding. 

Berkeley Women's Temple
Location: Berkeley, California, USA
Dominique is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
We meet once a month on a Sunday evening.
Contact: Dominique Youkhehpaz
Full Moon Goddess Circle
Location: Chatsworth, California, USA
Josephine is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
This circle gathers on the full moon each month.
Contact: Josephine Gross
ph: (818) 727-2000 ext. 15
Ancient Ways of Empowerment (AWE)
Location: Eastbay/Walnut Creek, CA, USA
There is a longing deep within all of us -- a longing to be loved, known, heard, seen... a longing to be safe and free. For as far back as can be known, women have gathered to share, collaborate, support and honor one another in ways only we know how to do. This is an ancient sisterhood ~ a sacred circle of Yoginis. We look within for all we seek, allow space for compassion and love for all things. We enjoy a life of awakening and of purpose. I feel particularly skilled to hold space for what temple practice is. I am committed to the spiritual nature of embodied feminine practices.

Teresa is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Teresa Menzies
ph: (650) 391-5044
Nevada City Temple group
Location: Nevada City, CA, USA
The first group in the network. We have been practicing together weekly for more than 8 years. We rotate who leads the group. It is a closed group and we initiate new women twice a year. Council of Temple Mamas hold the structure & schedule. (Chameli Ardagh, founder of Awakening Women, was Temple Mama for 9 years.)
Contact: Suzan

Radiant Heart Women’s Circle
Location: Santa Ana, CA.
The intention of the circle is to help women reconnect with feminine presence. This monthly circle is a sanctuary where women can restore their energies, reconnect with their feminine heart and core, and be inspired to live from their deepest truths.

Anh Chi is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Anh Chi Pham
ph: (714) 657-9792
Atlanta Women's Temple
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Arlia is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
This group meets the 2nd Monday of every month.
Contact: Arlia Hoffman
ph: (678) 825-5131
Facebook Event Page
A Sanctuary For Mindful Femininity
Location: Boca Raton, Florida, USA
There is an inherent gift in true friendship and a real deep connection between women. This is what we are seeking when we spend this time together on a Sunday afternoon. You will find that true spiritual work does not require being away on a five day retreat. It does not take place only when you are stepping away from the routine of your life. The real work happens every moment of every day and is expressed in how you are with yourself and how you are with others. Come play with us. Come laugh and cry with us. You will be heard. You will be seen. You will be loved.
Shrily is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Shirly Gilad
Tel: 561-504-6669
Lawrence Women's Temple
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Lawrence Women's Temple is a sacred space for women to come together to practice conscious embodiment of their brilliant divine nature, in all her forms. Utilizing silence, meditation, movement, deep questioning, and respectful touch, we deepen into the flowing waters of our inner lives through the portal of embodiment practice. Here, all is welcome in our experience. As we move from a mental experience of life into our bodies, we loosen our grip on the mental narrative of who and what we are, so that we can embody a greater truth. We work with emotions and sensations as energy that moves, rather than defines or limits us.
Jennifer is a graduate of the Temple Mama training.
Contact: Jennifer Welch
Tel: 785-760-7259
Mahadevi NW Women's Temple Group
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Colleen Coyne and Janis Desmond are graduates of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
We meet once a month on a Sunday evening.
Contact: Janis Desmond
Austin Women’s Temple
Location: Austin, TX
Inspired by my studies in mystery school tradition, ceremony, ritual, and practices in sacred temples as a healer and initiate in the lineage of King Salomon, I have combined my practical esoteric knowledge with the embodiment practices of the yogini tradition developed and compiled by Chameli. Incorporating Hindu, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Celtic, Greek, Roman, African traditions and many, many more from around the planet, we will explore without dogma the many faces of the goddess that have graced this timeless circle, allowing the wisdom of the circle to guide us through our life and growth.

Vanessa is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training. Temples will be twice a month on or near the New and Full Moon.
Contact: Vanessa Nova
Ph:  512 571 1538 Awakening the Goddess
Washington DC Women's Temple
Location: Washington, D.C., USA
Aja is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training
We meet in DC once a month on either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 7pm-9pm.
Contact: Aja Fenn
Milwaukee Women's Temple
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
(Brookfield neighborhood)
Ann is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Ann Manatt
Ph: (414) 982-9867
Soul Sisters
Ort: 1040 Wien, Goldeggasse 2/5
Irene hat 2012 das Tempelgruppentraining absolviert und praktiziert seitdem regelmäßig mit Chameli Ardargh und dem AWI Sistercircel. Seit 2012 leitet sie den "Soul Sisters Frauenkreis" als Tempelgruppe nach Chameli Ardarg.
Kontakt: Mag. Irene Fellner
Tel: 0043676/3412000
Energetisches Hammam – Seelenbad
Orte: 1130 Wien und 2500 Baden
Romana hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht und leitet seit März 2013 Tempelgruppen.Durch das Tempelgruppentraining bei Chameli habe ich die tiefe Liebe erfahren, die in diesem Netzwerk spürbar ist, um das Weibliche zu nähren. Das möchte ich gerne weitergeben und so einen Beitrag leisten für den Frieden in jedem weiblichen Herz und den Frieden auf der Welt. Ich begeleite schon jahrelang Frauen bei Themen wie Gewichtsreduktion und Bournout und sehe eine so wertvolle Bereicherung in den Übungen der Tempelgruppe.
Kontakt: Romana Kreppel
Tel: +43 69915123208
Kemenate – mein Frauen(T)raum
Ort: 1190 Wien
Lydia hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht und leitet seit Juni 2010 Tempelgruppen. Sie hat das erste Seminar des AWI in Österreich/Wien organisiert.
Kontakt: Lydia Hopfgartner
Tel.: +43 664 4160218
Tempel der Weiblichkeit in Wien
Ort: Wien
Christina hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht und leitet seit Januar 2011 Tempelgruppen.
Kontakt: Christina Tröls
Tel: +43 650-2404823
Ort: Wien (wechselnder Veranstaltungsort, oft in der Natur) Patricia leitet ab April 2014 ihre eigene Tempelgruppe.
Kontakt: Dr. Patricia Ricci
Tel: + 43 676 45 10 888
Ort: 4111 Walding
Ingrid Adlina Putzinger leitet zusammen mit Ute Shamira diese Tempelgruppe. Siehe Tempelgruppe in Breitenschützing.
Kontakt: Ute Shamira Kindlinger
Tel.: +43 650-8888289
Ort: 4360 Grein, Österreich
Regina hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht und leitet seit Januar 2011 Tempelgruppen
Kontakt: Regina Hauser
Tel.: +43 699-19526240
Ort: 4691 Breitenschützimg
Ingrid hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht und leitet seit Februar 2011 Tempelgruppen.
Kontakt: Ingrid Adlina Putzinger
Tel.: +43 664-2620660
Frauentempel Traunsee
Ort: 4810 Österreich
Im Frauentempel Traunsee begegnen wir uns seit Juli 2012, um unsere feminine Essenz zu feiern und uns tief zu nähren. Der Einstieg in die laufende Tempelgruppe ist an den offenen Abenden (jeweils einer im Frühling und im Herbst) möglich. Unsere Tempelwochenenden bieten die Möglichkeit, tiefer in das eigene feminine Sein einzutauchen. Wir freuen uns auf dich!.
Kontkat: Uli Feichtinger und Birgit Reja
Tel: 43 650 460 4103
Salzburg Tempelgruppe
Ort: Salzburg, Österreich
Rotraud hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht
und leitet seit März 2009 Tempelgruppen.
Kontakt: Rotraud Huck
Tel.: +43 662–620 419
Frauenkreise - Kraft aus der Mitte
Ort: Salzburg
In dem Kreis treffen Sie Inspiration und Unterstützung. Nur sich selbst und entspannen tief in die Weisheit und Kraft der Weiblichkeit. Unsere Treffen sind für Sie auf einer tiefen Ebene in unserer Schwesternschaft zu verbinden.
Kontakt: Martina Demmelmair
Tel: 0043 680 33 0 22 34

Ort: 6511 Zams, Seminarhaus Klösterle Kronburg
Der FrauenTempel wird zur Zeit noch als offene Gruppe geführt und steht seit September 2013 allen interessierten Frauen offen. Meine Intention in der AnfangsPhase ist, dass dieser Abend für die Frauen grundsätzlich mal als nährend und unterstützend erfahren wird und eine neue achtsame Art der Begegnung/Kommunikation unter Frauen aufzeigt. Ich habe das Tempelgruppen Training 2013 absolviert.
Kontakt: Maya Maria Tilg
Tel: +43 650 5174669
Shining Devi - Yogini´s inner Yoga
Ort: 8010 Graz, Alchemilla-Graz, Grillparzerstr.26/1
Wir tauchen ein in eine weibliche, weiche, fließende, wilde, lebendige und ekstatische Spiritualität. Wir erlauben der bunten Vielfalt des Lebens sich im Tanz, im Lachen, im Weinen, im Stöhnen und im Staunen durch uns auszudrücken und wir verehren die Göttin, die in uns und durch uns in die Welt strahlt - als weibliche Präsenz, Wachheit und Liebe!
Kontakt: Udesha A. Kubesch
Tel: +43 664 974 36 16
Ort: 5020 Salzburg
Kontakt: Elisabeth Walcher
Tel: +43 676 7330516
Ort: 8463 Leutschach
Die Gruppe findet Mittwochs 14tägig statt, jeweils von 19 bis 21.30 Uhr. Maria war beim Tempeltraining im März 2013.
Kontakt: Maria Muster
Tel: +43 650-273 04 92
Women’s Sacred Nourishment Temple
Location: Cultivate Calm Yoga, 963 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane ~ Queensland 4169
Our sacred nourishment temple is a sanctuary for women where they can relax deeply into themselves through feminine embodiment practices. We honour the wisdom of the body by practicing to allow, and be present with, our feelings in each moment rather than resisting, numbing or trying to change them or ourselves. By radically surrendering to and trusting what is present in each moment we can engage more fully with the dance of life.
Contact: Kate Walker
Tel: 043824972

Kate is a graduate of the Womens Temple Group Leadership Training
Sacred Circle
Location: Byron Bay, Australia
This is a Sacred Circle set in a sacred space where we come to deepen our connection and relationship with the feminine within ourselves, sisters and collectively. Our practice is rooted in the ancient ways woven into our modern times. It is here we allow all of who we are to be held, loved, supported and nourished.  
Contact: Briony Montgomery
ph. 0421005158
Briony is a graduate of the Women’s Leadership Training in Australia
Women's Temple
Location: Grail Haven, Mt Tamborine (hinterlands of the Gold Coast), Australia
We create a circle that is safe and supportive to allow us to explore feelings within the body. In doing so we recognize that what we label as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions is simply Source expressing itself in the moment. We practice dropping into that expression, being curious about it, breathing into it and ultimately allowing that to bring us back to Source.
Drop in group (information here)
Contact: Tanya Quod
ph. +61 438774716

Tanya is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
The Heart of the Feminine
Location: Melbourne, Australia
The Heart of the Feminine Temple Group is devoted to the deep nourishment of our bodies and souls. We come together to support each other to fully connect to our creativity, sensuality, devotion, playfulness, wildness and compassion.
Contact Name:  Ari Amala
ph: 0434626509

Ari is a graduate of the Women’s Leadership Training in Australia.
Women's Temple
Location: Soul Space Brisbane in Newmarket, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
We create a circle that is safe and supportive to allow us to explore feelings within the body. In doing so we recognize that what we label as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions is simply Source expressing itself in the moment. We practice dropping into that expression, being curious about it, breathing into it and ultimately allowing that to bring us back to Source.
Four week ‘beginners course’ (information here) and a Drop in group (information here)
Contact: Tanya Quod
ph. +61 438774716

Tanya is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Women's Temple
Location: Wentworth Falls, New South Wales (2 hours from Sydney), Australia
Please contact Mariana for the next Temple day .
Contact: Mariana Trapera
ph. 0430 175 923
Sacred Yoni Temple
Location: Life Balance Yoga Center, 181A Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney NSW 2037
The divine goddess awaits sister. Let's take this creative, return journey together. In our women's circle supporting one another, we embrace the practices of sacred listening, devotional silence, respectful touch and sensual dance. We will take a deep nourishing dive through the portal of our luscious feminine bodies to embrace Shakti, allowing her divine energy to flow through us, gifting each of us with her bountiful grace. Prepare to be held as we embrace both our shadow and shiny expressions of self on our return back to wholeness. If you feel your soul stirring and would like to know more call me in advance and I can talk you through what this magical event involves.
Contact: Lynda Taylor
ph. 0405810038
Lynda is a graduate of the Women’s Leadership Training.
Adelaide Women's Temple
Location: Unley, Adelaide
Contact: Ally Thomas
ph: 0428 004 114
Sunday Sanctuary -  Women’s Circle
Location: Thornbury , Victoria
Our Intention is to honor and celebrate the sacred/mundane experience of womanhood through grounded embodiment practices, meditation, movement and creativity. We use the Temple manual and have our own flavor woven into it. All newcomers welcome, especially over 50 years old – bring your wisdom! We meet on the 1st Sunday of the Month from February to November. Clare is a graduate of the Womens Temple Group Leadership Training
Contact: Clare MacDonald Ph. 61 (0) 406 59 65 65
Soma Temple - Womens embodiment temple
Location: Byron Bay Shire Australia
SOMA TEMPLE is…..A sacred oasis for women. - a space for women who want to awaken, who feel the pain of separation from each other, true nature and source that know there is something bigger than themselves. Our practice is to awaken back to the source, bringing presence thru ritual, respectful touch, listening, being heard, to drop within and flow back to source where it arose. Temple Vision is to hold a safe and supportive space for women to flow in their true nature feminine Christina is a graduate of womens leadership training in Australia
Contact: Christina Covington
Tel: 0403191119
Facebook: somatemple
Geraldton Women's Temple
Location: Fitzgerald Street Studio, cnr Fitzgerald and Augustus Streets, Geraldton, Western Australia
Our temple is sacred sanctuary and intuitive practice. Come gather with your sisters and rest. Surrender deeply into the feminine. Embody your wild and self. Flow in divine nectar each new moon.
Contact: Cath Tan
ph. 0401 038 313
Cercle de Femmes "Shakti Divine"
Location: Bousval, Brabant Wallon, Belgium
Rituals and practices to remember and embody who we truly are and to enjoy the divine flow within. To re-connect to the women’s tribe, to our beauty and wisdom. Anne-Chantal is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
Contact Anne-Chantal Misson
Tel: +32 (0)476 328 327
Soulful Women Temple
 Duerne, Belgum
The intention of the group is Self Love.  Awakening, clearing spaces in self, healing, making commitments with self. Working with ritual, dance, sound, breath, energetic patterns, creativity, shamanism… based on the Awakening Women Temple Manual.
Contact:  Patricia Queriet
Tel: 0032496 473850
Soul Women Temple Group
Location: Saint John/New Brunswick
Contact: Andrea Kernbichler
ph. 1.506.6591994

Women’s Wisdom
Location: Kingston, Ontario
ph: Cheryl Hiebert
Tel: 613-634-8220 OR 613-985-2442
raw & rich Women’s Temple Group
Location:  Hong Kong
The raw & rich Women’s Temple Group meets twice a month always on Monday evening in Central Hong Kong. It is an open group and we initiate 2-3 times a year. The intention is to provide a safe and nourishing space for women to meet and experiment with different aspects of the feminine. It is fostering real and honest connection between women. The circle is here to help us remember, value and embody the feminine power and strengths and to confidently live them in today's world.
Corinne is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact:  Corinne Konrad
Tel: 852 9633 5573
Heart Women
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Heart Women meets once a month and is open for all women.
Contact: Camille
Women Embracing Life / Levande kvinnor
Location: Finland
In Women Embracing Life we create a sacred space where we support each other to fully embrace all aspects of the feminine, a space where you can listen in and shape your dreams from the place of your own deepest truth. We experience life in a more intimate way, letting ourselves be moved closer to the mystery.
Contact: Alessandra Sarelin and Audelina Ahumada
PH. 358.40.7072331, +358.40.5653676
Cercle de femmes
Location: Crest - Drôme, France
We meet each month around the full moon to honor the womanhood inside us, and to connect with the sacred space of the women’s circle.
Laetitia is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Laetitia de Schoutheete
ph. 33 (0)6 38 71 35 07
Femmes Divines
Location: Clisson (a closed group) and Bouguenais (an open group), France
The temple group is a space where we meet together in the sisterhood source, to support, to celebrate the feminine, the shakti in all of us, to celebrate and to re-connect to the divine together.
Anna is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Anna Veneziani
Tel: 0033/ 07 85 81 31 95
Frauentempelgruppe Echt.Weiblich.Sein.
Ort: 04229 Leipzig
Kontkat: Sandra Ullrich
Tel: 01782340044
Las Lunas
Ort: 10115 Berlin
Kontakt: Sonia Herrero
Tel: + 49 15731645556
'Mystic Women' Frauentempel Ort: Bänschstr. 74, 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain, U-Samariterstr. Kontakt: Angelika Klatte Tel: +4917632331717 Festnetz: +49 30 21953355
Frauentempel Blütenklang ~Der sanfte Hauch der Göttin~
Ort: D 10407 Berlin
Kontkat:Carola Mariella Renné
Tel: +49 1525 340 03 08, Festnetz +49 30 5106 9706
„HONEY BLISS“-Frauentempelgruppe
Ort: 13187 Berlin Pankow,Schulzeitrasse 1, im „Sinnergie“-Raum für Bewegung,Bewußtsein&Berührung
Kontakt: Carola Philipp
Tel: 01776717690
Women's "Nectar of the Soul" - Ein Genuss für die Frauenseele
Ort: 12163 Berlin
Kontakt: Miriam Kalliwoda
Tel: + 49 176 23 337104
Frauentempel Soluna
Ort: 14476 Potsdam
Kontakt: Yeshi Choedon
Tel. 0049-331-97914839
Tempelgruppe Hoher Fläming
Ort: 14806 Bad Belzig, Brandenburg
Kontkat: Mara Fricke-Wirth
Tel: 033841-45256
Tempelgruppe – Oase der Weiblichkeit
Ort: 20146 Hamburg
Kontakt: Magrit Jacobsen
Tel: +49 (0)40 7373440
Ort: 20146 Hamburg
Kontakt: Walburga Hupe
04187 / 321 735 Hella Suderow
04165/ 829 484
Frauen Kreis Tempel
Ort: 20257 Hamburg
Kontakt: Val M. Beneke
Tel: 0049-40-46633631 and 0049-176-70751401
Feminine Flow
Ort: 21029 Hamburg - Bergedorf
Kontakt: Coneya Gramberg
Tel: +040-72693571
Ort: 21244Buchholz
Kontakt: Walburga Hupe
04187 / 321 735
Ort: 21339 Lüneburg
Kontakt: Mareille Ann Bechtle ~ Birgit Sasse
Tel: +49 58 58 / 206 ~ Tel: +49 41 31/ 293 032
Ayama Tempel - Zeit für Weiblichkeit
Ort: 22607 Hamburg
Kontakt: Andy Wirth
Kontakt: Val M. Beneke
Tel: 0049-40-46633631 and 0049-176-70751401
Weiblichkeit Leben Tempel
Ort: 22297 Hamburg
Kontakt: Val M. Beneke
Tel: 0049-40-46633631 und 0049-176-70751401
Weiblichkeit Leben Tempel
Ort: Toulouse Institut 22761 Hamburg.
Kontakt: Val M. Beneke
Tel: 0049-40-46633631 und 0049-176-70751401
Ort: 22763 Hamburg
Kontakt: Annika Paulus
Women’s Lounge
Ort: Dorotheenstr. 15, 22301 Hamburg, Germany
Kontkat: Marie Harder
Tel: 0179 21 33 812
Ort: 22765 Hamburg
Kontakt: Beate Gauder
Tel: 0049-160-96 26 96 65
Ort: 22926 Ahrensburg
KontaktHanna Krohn
Tel: 0152 05230291
Shaktis Tempel
Ort: 23558 Lübeck
Kontkat: Moraya Kraft
Tel: 0152/07527396
Frauentempel Parin
Ort: 23948 Parin (Mecklenburg)
Kontakt: Julia Beutelschieß
Tel. +49(0)3881/7595662
Tempelgruppe Bremen
Ort: 28203 Bremen
Konkat: Jasmin Schoch
Tel: 49 (0) 151-22644350
FrauenTempel Hitzacker -Shaktis Erwachen
Ort: 29456 Hitzacker
Kontakt: Elske Margraf
Tel. +49(0) 5862-9873216 Marielle A Bechtle
Tel. +49(0) 5858 206
Tempelgruppe Hannover - Göttinnenschwestern
Ort: 30659 Hannover
Kontakt: Veronika V. Bernstorff
mobil: 49 (0)17650245275
Tempel der fließenden Liebe
Ort: 31595 Steyerberg
Kathrin Irene hat das Tempelgruppentraining besucht.
Kontakt: Katrin Irene Kreutzer
Tel: +49 (0)5764 93053
Tempel der Fliesenden Liebe
Ort: 31595 Steyerberg
Kontkat: Katrin Irene Kreutzer
ph. 05764/93053
Ort: 33619 Bielefeld
Kontakt: Sylvia Vette-Rüggen
Tel: +49 (0)176 54724319
Raum für Weiblichkeit
Ort: 34121 Kassel / Deutschland
Kontakt: Petra Kimm
Tel: +49 561 430 212 95
Entdecke deine Weiblichkeit und komm dir näher
Ort: 36903 Künzell-Wissels/Fulda
Kontakt: Padma Ellen Hochrein
Tel: +49 (0)661 604858
Ganz Frau Sein
Ort: 37073 Göttingen, Wendersstrasse 39
Kontakt: Birgit Maiwald
Tel: 0173 258 9062
Ort: 40235 Düsseldorf
Kontakt: Dr. Beate Maul & Gianna Irmisch
Tel.: +49/157-38668505
Erwachende Frauen
Ort: 42555 Velbert
Kontakt: Mari Sawada 
Tel: 015751986927
Ort: 45131 Essen
Kontakt: Dr. Beate Maul & Gianna Irmisch
Divine Sisters
Ort: 46325 Borken/Rhede
Kontakt: Mirjam van der Sanden
Tel: 0176-20098648
Kreis der Weisen Frauen
Ort: 48291 Telgte
Kontakt: Daniela Meyersick
Tel: +49 (0)2504-7399929
Dein Ort zum SEIN!
Ort: 50321 Brühl
Kontakt: Your Balance, Julia Olfen
Tel: +49 (0)175 4050957
Tempel der Weiblichkeit
Ort: 50823 Köln
Kontkat: Carmen Lück
Tel: 01733203488
“ Devine Shaktis„ FrauenTempelGruppe:
Ort: 50827 Köln
Kontakt: Kabiro Eva Scheller
Tel: +49-177-6486495
Aachener Tempel
Ort: 52066 Aachen
Kontakt: Maria Geiser-Letzel Tel: Mobil: 0151 24136526 oder 0241 92788714
Ort: 53604 Bad Honnef
Kontakt: Hilla Bendels und Antje Severin
Tel: 02224-9816363 oder 0175-5968421
Ort: 55116 Mainz
Kontkat:  Sina Emrich
Tel: 0159/03017771
Mainzer Frauengruppe
Ort: 55116 Mainz
Kontakt: Verena Hirschmann
Tel: +49 6131 20 50 510
Ort: 55130 Mainz
Kontakt: Etna Marx
Tel: +49(0)6131 6237360
Ort: 55288 Udenheim bei Mainz
Kontakt: Christina Valeska
Tel: 0162-7824051
Frauentempel Lüdenscheid
Ort: 58511 Lüdenscheid
Kontakt: Pamela Hirschmann
Tel: +49 172-6855289
SAKTI YOGA Temple Group
Ort: 60433 Frankfurt
Kontakt: Astrid Berger
Tel.: +49 (0) 37405968,
Frauenkreis Frankfurt
Ort: 60433 Frankfurt
Kontakt: Shanta Richter
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 61 21 94,
Blissful Women - Glückselige Frauen
Ort: 60437 Frankfurt
Kontakt: HeliA Paula Kleinhans
Tel: 0176 61186002
Ort: 63875 Mespelbrunn, Neuer Weg 23
Kontakt: Clarissa Sommer
Tel: 06092/478
Frauentempel Darmstadt
Ort: 64289 Darmstadt
Kontakt: Kirsten Schültje
Ort: 64319 Darmstadt Griesheim
Kontakt: Elke Antara Minerva
Tel.: +49(0)6155-77778
Ort: 65205 Wiesbaden
Kontkat: Iris Baumann 
Tel: 0170 29 88 186
Frauentempel Aarbergen / Untertaunus
Ort: 65326 Aarbergen
Kontakt: Ursula Kallish
Tel: 0160 6309760
Tempelgruppe Stuttgart, Tempel der Weiblichkeit
Ort: Meditationszentrum Lotusherz, 70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch
Kontakt: Annette Keßler
Tel: 07141-6852914
Tempel des Herzens
Ort: 72762 Reutlingen
Verweilen. Atmen. Spüren. Fühlen. Lauschen... Tritt ein, Schwester. Dieser Ort wurde für dich geschaffen. Claudia´s Tempelgruppe besteht seit 2014.
Kontakt Claudia Taverna
Tel: 07125-6507605
Ort: 73494 Rosenberg / Hohenberg
Kontakt Surya Devi Cindy Lang
Tel: +49 171 7811348
Ort: Kimmichsweiler Steige 8, 73730 Esslingen
Kontakt: Cornelia Kamala Strobel und Petra Faber
Tel. Cornelia Kamala: 07153 3421080 / 0176 38091378
Petra: 0711 30051260 / 0174 966 90 44
Yemonya – Schwesternkreis
Ort: 76530 Baden-Baden
Kontakt: Claudia Nora Rauch-Fitzsimons
Tel: +49 (0)7221-801800
Ort: 78234 Engen
Kontakt: Kathrin Kania
HerzFrauenRaum - ShaktiTempel
Ort: 79098 Freiburg Kontkat: Annina Engelhardt Tel: 0176/50416396
FrauSein im Tempel der Weiblichkeit
Ort: 79100 Freiburg
Kontakt: Andrea Roder
Tel: 0049-15778286201
Soul Sisters Tempel Ort: 80469 Munchen Kontakt: Sabine Hartwig/Heike Wasem-Hassos Tel: 49 0 1624364375 / 49 0 1622507688
Ort: 80636 München - Mitte
Kontakt: Angelika Ruf
Tel: 015117644354
FrauSein – Frauentempelgruppe München – Trudering
Ort: 81827 München
Kontakt: Elisa Egglseder
Tel: +89-9629 2733 oder +01 75 - 5 69 99 90
Tempelabende für Frauen
Ort: 82131 München-Fürstenried
Kontakt: Yashodhara van Vilsteren
Tel: +49(0)89 89530781 Kontakt: Yashodhara van Vilsteren
Tel: +49(0)89 89530781
Tempelabende in München und am Ammersee
Ort: 82211 Herrsching am Ammersee
Kontakt: Yvonne Bosbach
Tel: +49 151 67523399
FrauenKraft FrauenKreis
Ort: 82343 Pöcking – Starnberger See
Kontkat: Marion Aechter-Droege
ph. 0160 94775089
Tempel Tara Chiemsee
Ort: 83254 Breitbrunn
Kontakt:a href="">Susanne Tuyukaw Fischer
Tel: 01577-3870896
Liebevoller Begegnungsraum für Frauen
Ort: 84079 Bruckberg (Landkreis Landshut, Bayern)
Kontakt: Sandra Zacherl
Tel: 08765/9383481
Orte: 86150 Augsburg und 81245 München – Pasing
Kontakt: Elke Hannig
Tel: +49 8231 - 9597400
Tempel der Weiblichkeit
Ort: 86150 Augsburg
Kontakt: Alexandra Martin
Tel: +49(0)151 17650905
Shaktifeuer | FrauenTempelraum
Ort: 86899 Landsberg am Lech und 86807 Buchloe
Kontakt: Ingeborg Helene Heidenreich
Tel: 0049 8241-6626 oder
Kontakt: Monika Arndt
Tel: 0049 8241-40 969 40
Einladung zum Frauenkreis
Ort: 86911 Dießen am Ammersee
Kontakt: Hilde Hammes-Raspini
Tel.: 08807-2069773
Tempelabend – eine Oase für Frauen
Ort: 88316 Isny
Kontakt: Sabine Höhn
Tel: 0179-1646130
Im Mondlichttempel der Shakti
Ort: 87654 Friesenried
Kontakt: Jana Caso Villavicencio
Tel: 0179/5397269
Tempelgruppe Nürnberg „ Zeit für Weiblichkeit “
Ort: 90411 Nürnberg Kontakt: Melanie Fritz
Tel: 0176 84006334
Frauenzirkel Ort: Goldbacher Strasse 53b, 88662 Überlingen Konkat: Aladina Rabadan Tel: 0162 4248766
Tempelgruppe Nürnberg "Schwesterngeflüster"
Ort: 90491 Nürnberg
Kontakt: Angela Raymann
Tel: 0163-3642262
Frauentempel Fürth
Ort: 90762 Fürth
Kontakt: Lorna Rechberg
Tel: +49 911 3946322
Tempel Regensburg
Ort: 93177 Altenthann
Kontakt: Alexandra Lehmann
Frauentempel Shakti`s Tanz und Ritual
Ort: 97616 Bad Neustadt
Kontakt: ChrisTine Breitenbücher
Tel: 0049 9771 7189
Ort: 99423 Weimar
Kontakt: Andrea Waßenberg
Tel: +49 3643-9085215 oder +49 179-9761498
The Temple of Abundance
Location:  Butterfly Barn, SVE-Dame, Auroville, South India
The longing to come together to be, to connect deeply, to honor each other’s beauty and authenticity…to dance, to sing, to touch, laugh or cry…to nurture… to be with our shared humanity and with our greatness … and serve the community from the sense of inner abundance, from an overflow…
Contact:  Dariya
Tel.   00919786658967
Women's Circle
Location: Molenkrochtlaan 3, Bergen NH, Netherlands
We will create a safe space together where you will feel at home. Connecting, softness, letting go of achieving. Exercises with dancing, singing, touching, tribal rituals, yoga, breathwork, haptonomie (bodywork). Getting together at each full and half moon at 19:30. Please contact Julia in advance, space is limited.
Contact: Julia Meijer
ph: +31 6348 26656
Stromenin YogaDans
Location:  Oosterbeek, Netherlands
The intention of this group is: Lovingly supporting each other as women. We will dance, meditate, sing, share, feel into the body and respect what she tells us. We will practice respectful touch. The Awakening Women work has become a big part of my life and I practice every day the wonderful teachings of Chameli Ardagh.
My life has changed beyond what I have expected to happen, I am so grateful to be able to teach what I have been given through this wonderful work and more beautiful teachers that came in my life.
Contact: Amana
Tel: 0616806617
Huldra Templegruppe
Location: Kvam and Bergen, Hordaland
Huldra is the wild, natural woman of the north, she is inspiring us to remember who we are and to live our Truth. In our temple groups, we practice being present in our bodies through movement, touch and stillness, developing honesty and deep connection. We explore real sisterhood in a safe and nurturing way.

Contact: Devika Fossen is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training, is a Senior Practitioner with Awakening Women and travels around the world to support you in starting a Women's Temple in your area. ph. +47 45610998
Tempelgruppe Oslo
Location: Intui, Karenslyst allé 50, Skøyen, Oslo
The intention of our Temple group is to create a beautiful space where women can get a closer relationship with themselves and other women. We work with guided meditation, intuitive dance, touch, rituals, letting go, support, worship and celebration of the feminine in ourselves. We also meet to talk and share our deeper wisdom, aspirations and insights, even though the temple group basically is not a therapy group.
Contact: Anniken Enger
ph. +47 92 04 10 17
El Templo de Las Mujeres (Women Temple)
Location: C/ Gran de Gracia 137 1C, Barcelona, Spain
En el Templo de las Mujeres, creamos un espacio seguro juntas. En donde nos sentimos en casa, apoyándonos amorosamente, como mujeres. Juntas creamos un santuario para explorar el despertar femenino. A través del movimiento libre, ritual, respetuoso y nutritivo tacto. Permitiendo dar espacio en nosotras a los sentimientos y sensaciones que puedan estar presentes en ese momento. Nos conectamos profundamente con nuestra experiencia en cada momento, sintiendo y expresando a través de nuestros cuerpos. Desarrollamos la honestidad y la conexión profunda, explorando la verdadera Sororidad (hermandad) de manera segura y nutritiva. Es aquí en la intimidad de la esencia femenina que podemos adorarnos a nosotras mismas como la divinidad que somos, siendo apoyadas y sostenidas por el círculo. Al rendirnos radicalmente y confiar en lo que está presente en cada momento, nos comprometemos plenamente con la danza de la vida. Es aquí donde recibimos bendiciones, sanación, relajación y nutrición, celebrando los regalos de cada una. Este círculo mensual es un santuario donde las mujeres pueden restaurar sus energías, reconectarse con su corazón y con la gran esencia femenina. Ser inspiradas a vivir sus verdades más profundas. Eres bienvenida. Contact Name: Tali Reshef
Tel.:+ 34 649 495 273
Women’s Circle of Beauty and Joy
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Contact: Cristina Malita
Tel: +34684318014
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact: Anna
Women's Group
Location: Gotenborg, Sweden
Contact: Carina-Maria
Strålande Moder
Location: Gotenborg, Sweden
Contact: Rebecca
Ph: 0046 768764638
or 0046(0)704851385
Temple Room for Women
Location: Gotenborg, Sweden
Bibbi is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
Contact: Bibbie
ph. (0046) 0760452290
The Stjarnsund-group
Location: Stjarnsund, Sweden
Lisa is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
Contact: Lisa
Stockholm Temple Group
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Maria and Candra are a graduates of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
Contact: Maria
I Moderns Famn
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Contact: Mariel Roxendal
Location: Orebro, Sweden
We meet every second Monday 19:00-21:30
Contact: Ronja or Helen
ph. 4673-7602882 ph. 4670-6166448
Womens Temple
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Kristina is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training. We meet once a month 19:00 — 21:00.
Contact: Kristina Loven
Flower of Love
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Madhu is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator training.
Contact: Madhu
Moonbeam goddess Temple group
Location: Boden in the North of Sweden
I´ve been working with drumhealingsessions, wombawakeningsessions , peruvian shamanistic tecqnics for reaching the inner feminine power and other workshops for woman and the feminine force awakening . I wan´t to give a space for woman to meet and awaken the feminine
ph. +46702972089
Herzschwestern - Frauentempel
Ort: 3012 Bern
Kontakt Name: Esther Greter
Tel: 078 800 70 33
Kreis der Göttinnen
Ort: 3032 Bern - Hinterkappelen
Kontakt: Fabia Meyer
Tel: 0041 31 901 01 50 / 0041 79 365 37 65
Freies Tanzen für Frauen
Ort: 3084 Bern-Wabern
Kontakt: Christiane Brendel
Tel.: +41 (0)31 802 19 45
Frauentempelgruppe im Regenbogenhaus
Yoginihaus für „Wellness für die Seele"
Ort: 3377 Walliswil b. Wangen
Tel.: +41 079 600 80 83
Ort: 4417 Ziefen (bei Liestal, Baselland)
Kontakt: Luzia Schucan
Tel.: +41 (0)78 661 95 96
SisterBliss - SisterTempel
Ort: Yogalounge, Schoffelgasse 3, 8001 Zürich
Kontakt: Dragana & SimoneRita
Ort: 8753 Mollis
Kontakt: Gabriela Maria Reust-Schauer
Tel: +41 55 612 42 55 bzw. +41 79 354 81 89
ORT: 9000 St. Gallen / Schweiz
Kontkat: Tanja Solve Huber
Tel: Fixnet: 0041 071 535 31 10 / Mobile: 0041 078 807 65 76
Ort: 6045 Meggen bei Luzern
Kontakt: Martina Franck
Tel: 0041413208983
Women’s Temple group – the art of living
Location: Moscow, Russia
Women’s Temple group, Moscow, Russia is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space were we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory and pain, passion and vulnerability. In our Women’s temple, we meet beyond the personal, and in this expanded meeting the collective feminine as well as the personal feminine is healed and celebrated. Victoria is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Victoria Makarova
Phone: +7 910 450 60 27

Embody Feminine Radiance
Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
This group is for women who long to remember their true radiant nature, fall deeply in love with themselves and source their value from deep within. By diving fully into our bodies and connecting with our deepest feelings and longings, we remember our unique feminine gifts which the world is so hungry for.

Judith is a graduate of the Women’s Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Judith Puckmayr
ph. 44-7838-187781
Sacred Heart Temple Group
Location: Somerset, UK
Welcome to the Sacred Heart Temple. Rest here for a while on soft sheep skins, rose petal oil, incense, sacred water blessings... It is time for you to nourish your longing to melt into the feminine heart. To truly fill yourself up with the radiant divine essence of love. To let go into this moment and to receive. This is a space to connect with our own bodies, each other, the feminine flow beneath our personal stories. We enter deeply into the practices, facilitated by the temple mama's in a self contained space through dance, free flowing movement allowing the spontaneity of feelings, sensations that may arise to be given space. It It is here in the intimacy of the feminine essence we can worship ourselves as the divinity we are. It is here that we receive blessings, healing, relaxation and nourishment.
Contact: Natalie Brooks
ph: 07973 267232
Women’s Temple Group
Location: Ashburton, Devon, UK
Do you long to experience a sacred space that nourishes, inspires and strengthens your inner being? Welcome to Women’s Temple! Here, together we create a sanctuary to explore feminine awakening through meditation, creative inquiry, ritual, respectful and nourishing touch, free movement and dance. We connect deeply with our experience in each moment, feeling and expressing through our bodies. The group is starting September 2014 and will meet monthly.

Kāmini is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Kāmini
Tel: 07932 142975
Baba Yagas Temple Group
Location: Totnes, Devon, UK
This is a monthly group for women aged 60 years old and over. On invitation only. Closed after the second meeting. Will open once a year to new women. It is to celebrate our unique wisdom, strengths and exquisiteness at this stage of our lives.

Florence is a graduate of our Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Florence Briot 
Phone: 07930967371
Women's temple | Rising in Sisterhood: Nourishing and Awakening the feminine
Location: Light Centre Belgravia, 7-9 Eccleston Street, SW1W 9LX London
We gather to nourish, dive into feminine essence and celebrate each others gifts... Our intention is to provide a sacred space where we can let go more and more and as a result learn to trust our feminine intuition and embrace and share more and more of ourselves. Tanmaya holds the space for the explorations.

Tanmaya is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact:  Tanmaya George Tel: 0044 75 831 65 409
Women’s Temple
Location: 11 Hill Crescent, Surbiton Surrey KT5 8DP, United Kingdom
To celebrate women as we are in our full beauty, and to experience our own feminine nature through a series of exercises and practices that follow the guidelines in the Awakening Women Temple Manual. There is some dance involved, movement, some respectful contact and a lot of connection to yourself.

Nora is a graduate of the Women's Group Facilitator Training.
Contact: Nora Zimerman
Tel. 44 (0) 7932 793 329