:: Melanie DewBerry ~ Living Ceremony (audio)


by Melanie DewBerry

Guest teacher Melanie DewBerry speaks about creating ceremony,
prayer and offering for Gaia, and the importance of honoring
the way She speaks through you above all. (9 min)


:: What is Authentic Ceremony? ~ Interview with Melanie DewBerry (video)



In this interview, Melanie shares:

– a Lakota song and prayer invoking the four directions
– the nuance between honoring traditions and cultural appropriation
– the difference between the voice of Gaia and cultural conditioning in us
– how daily practice feeds into embodying the ceremony and prayer of Gaia
– practices that can support us in creating authentic ceremony

 note: the visual quality of this video sometimes cuts in and out. When that happens,
just close your eyes and you will find that the sound is mostly good throughout.

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