We are all wildly creative whether we want to acknowledge it or not...







We are all wildly creative whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Even if you don’t identify yourself as a so-called artist or creative type, you cannot, even for a moment, separate yourself from the creative unfolding that is life, all around and within you.

In the feminine awakening journey, many women begin to feel pregnant, pregnant with expression. It’s no longer possible to stay quiet. It is no longer possible to hold ourselves back.

As an awakening woman, you are stepping into a bigger, softer, more magnificent version of who you can be in the world. You may acutely feel the pain of all the songs that you did not sing, that you swallowed. But you will suffer no more. You are finally answering the call. Finally, you are prepared to bring into form the creativity within you.

The creative force is wild in its nature. It will demand that you leave those safe, oh-so-familiar territories behind. It requires that you be willing to dangle in emptiness with nothing but a shadow of an idea to hold on to. You wait and you curse and you regret a million times that you ever began to follow these mad creative impulses. In your desperation, you may grasp onto any idea that passes by, hoping that this is the one. Most often it is not. Then one day it happens: the miracle. There it is. The next step you have been aching for. You are catapulted into a new world.

To live creatively awake is a choice. When we make that choice, we become servants for something bigger and wilder than life itself. Just as much as this creative force challenges us, torments us and tortures us, it generously rewards us. At least for a moment, and what a glorious moment that is!

At its core, the force of creativity doesn’t have that much to do with us at all. We don’t own it. We serve it.

With Love,


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Photo Credit: Vaschelle André