The Living Goddess Podcast

Awakening Women Founder and Goddess Keeper, Chameli Gad Ardagh invites us to listen deeper, awaken senses below the senses; perceive the ordinary, and messy with mystic eyes so you can remember the knowing behind all knowing: that your life is sacred.

Through Goddess mythology, wisdom teachings, and intimate sharings from her daily practice and contemplations. Chameli illuminates the Shakti Keys stitched into the fabric of our daily lives and inspires us to reclaim a pulsating intimacy with Source and revive our spiritual lineage rooted in the Living Goddess

Episode 10: May you have wind in your sails!

As she is preparing for a pilgrimage, Chameli reflects on the Buddhist terms Windhorse and Drip, and on how clearing clutter and being in integrity with your hearts wisdom, not only creates more flow, ease, and abundance in your life but ultimately brings you into union with your deepest self.